Dragon Tails

Some little known Dragon Tales…

Dragontry Tale: Once upon a time, Dragontry was a family business – merchanting at local Renaissance faires, SCA events, and conventions.


For the first few years we tried to create a new style of dragon for every show!
We designed so many dragons -Komodo, Royal, two headed Royal, Mature, Regal, Emperor/Empress, Drake, Welsh, Mandarin, Sea, Juvenile, Faerie, Baby, and two headed Baby Dragons, plus Dragon flyers, Dragon wings, Gryphons, Baby Gryphons, Pegasus, Chimeras and even a Quetzalcoatl. Wow, we were busy!

No matter how many late nights we chained ourselves to our sewing machines; it seemed we could not hatch very many dragons between shows.

One day we decided we needed to simplify and only make a few styles of dragons, and we needed one that could ride on a shoulder, was quicker to create, and still appealing. We all agreed that being chained to our sewing machines between shows was no fun.

original Percher

So Tiffany (daughter) sketched up a new design and I created a workable pattern for a dragon that would “perch” on a shoulder. We called this creation a Percher Dragon! By designing a longer tail the dragon was able to balance on a shoulder -The Original Percher Dragons were a big hit.

Of course, we still had a few late nights with our sewing machines!