Pixie Dragon News – 2018

I’ve tweaked and I think,  improved the Pixie Dragons,  they will now be able to ride on smaller shoulders. I’m still debating on having custom buttons made to give the dragons,   “belly buttons”.

I’m now using a  ball and socket armature for the Pixies,   this allows the dragons to belly- rest on a shoulder with their tails positioned around the neck for balance.

Their limbs are now attached with covered button joints instead of crystal beads.

While I am keeping the single and double sets of wings as an option, I also will be experimenting with using alternate designs of dragon wings.


I have retired the other smaller dragons in an effort to make dragon hatching easier and quicker.

After keeping track of the expenses and time,  I’ve calculated the price of $125.00 would allow me to make $8- $10 an hour.

If your curious, here is how I calculated the cost of a Pixie…The last time I made a batch of Pixies I kept one aside and only worked on it with a timer so I could keep track of the time it took to hatch. I rounded up or down to the nearest quarter hour.

3 hours to trace the dragon pattern onto folded fabric, 8 dragons = 136 parts to trace.
4 hours to pin and cut
1 hour to match and bag 8 dragons

8 hours @10 = $80.00 / 1 hour per dragon = $10 in time, plus $3.25 in cost of fabric

Out of 2yds fabric @ $15 each, total of $30, I could cut out 8 Pixies = $3.25 per dragon for the fabric, this is an average fabric cost. If I really like a fabric I will pay much more for it.

So time and cost of fabric is approximately $13.25 per 1 bagged pixie dragon, for pre-sewing expense.

Hatching Time Per 1 Pixie @ 10.00 per hour =

Pin parts/ 1 hour
Sew parts, turn and top-stitching/ 2 hours, = 3 hours

Armature the body/ 30 minuets
Wire limbs/ 1 hour
Stuff parts /1.5 hour
Stuff body/ 1 hour
Sculpt /1 hour , = 5 hours

Paint face nubs and claws / 1 hour
Assemble, button covers, mane, name tag / 2 hours.= 3 hours

Print receipts/ paperwork, package & ship per dragon, = 1 hour
Total time of 12 hours at $10.00 an hour =$125,00

Then there are Shop supply costs which May include, armature, threads, wire, paints, eyes, nose rings, stuffing, leather lacing, name tags, feather boas, fox fur or faux fur, plus Etsy and PayPal fees best estimate, = $20.00 – $25.00 per dragon.

Start to Finish for one pixie estimate 10-12 hours, plus $13.25 for pre-sewing cost, and a minimum of $20.00 for shop supplies, adds up to more than I ask for them. If I was making them one at a time I would need to charge more, but I usually try to sew in multiples to save time, I may have up to 12 dragons going at the same time. When I cut out dragons I will cut out 4-8 at one cutting, and often will cut out an entire year’s worth of dragons over a month. I buy my stuffing in 20 lbs boxes, and my armature in 50 ft spools. Sounds crazy, but does save time and money!

Total Cost $125.00 for a Pixie Dragon

Twig- the 2nd Woodland Oak-Leaf Dragon

This is Twig, an Oak-leaf Woodland dragon. He is the second oak leaf dragon I have made, there will only be a total of four made from this fabric.
Artisan crafted from a shades of Olive and Brown Lycra velvet fabric.
I chose a brown Lycra for his belly, a black lycra velvet for his back spine points, and antlers. Twig’s inner wings and ears are a matching brown panne velour.

The wings are Oak-leaf shaped, based on a white oak leaf. Twig also has branch shaped antlers and a leaf shaped tail tip.

I chose a white fox fur mane and hand made Light green eyes.
I used a golden bronze texture paint for his face nubs and claws.

Twig is approximately 50 inches measured from his nose tip, down the back to his tail tip, and has a full length ball and socket armature.

This is “Acorn”, a Woodland Oak-leaf Dragon

I thought I’d post some pictures of the creative process…First I design the pattern, then the first few are proto-types to work out any problems. I do love when a new design comes together!

I hand painted the eyes

Oak-leaf wings

The wings were the hardest part, but well worth the effort.

Sewing is done, on to wiring this batch

Winter has decreed that I should stay home and work on dragons.  I’ve been very productive, and have 15 dragons sewn and ready for their armatures and wiring this week. Then comes stuffing, sculpting, painting, assembling and finishing!

I am aiming for listing these hopefully before Spring.

2018 – Happy New Year

I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday!

Our White Christmas was full of family, joy, good food, and fun times! With the  two grandsons racing their new scooters throughout the house, and playing with toy swords and shields, plus two dogs chasing them, well let’s just say that,  luckily no one had to go to the emergency room and we only lost one glass ornament. 

Safe and warm New Year wishes to all, and remember it is best not to let your Dragons drink and fly !

I will be finishing up a batch of dragons for January-February, and will list the dragons as soon as possible.  All the dragons I wanted to finish for the Fall will be the first ones to hatch.

Here’s to 2018, and a more productive year of dragons!


Fall 2017

Fall is here, this summer has gone by so quickly.

Sadly,Life has kept me focused away from dragontry and dragon making. I will not have any of my planned dragons/creations hatched for Halloween-  I will put them on the to do List for next year.

I do have  a few dragons started and will finish, and list them as I can.

Here is what has been going on…

August I had the Flu, so much for the Flu shot I got.

September Druid’s last ultrasound showed one of his lymph nodes has enlarged, and while he is doing great, and his Surgeon/Oncologist said there was no sign  the cancer is back, we have upped his chemo(Paladia) back to 3 times a week.      I have been spoiling Druid as much as possible.

I had been thinking of getting a puppy, just on a whim, but  in September, everything fell into place to get a puppy from a friend/ cohort of my daughter.  We packed up Druid and met half way, turns out just over the Arkansas border is halfway between us and Houston.   Druid and new puppy- Luna hit it off, and snuggled together on the way back, and have become best buds.

I had forgotten how much energy a puppy has, and like a toddler- everything goes into her mouth.  Thank goodness my grand-daughter Ivy came up from Texas to visit and share all the puppy love.  We had a great visit!


Topaz- Percher Shoulder Dragon- Sold

This is Topaz a Percher Shoulder Dragon, has sold and will be nesting in Canada!

Topaz was created from an amazing blue, gray to black variegated lycra velvet, with teal metallic pattern fabric for the body, I matched it with a solid teal metallic shimmer Lycra fabric for her belly, under wings, back spine points, spiral wrapped horns, and inner ears.

Topaz has a black fox fur mane, and beautiful teal eyes.

I used teal texture paint for her claws and face nubs. Topaz has a nose ring, leather lead, bell and wooden name tag.

Topaz has a full body length ball and socket armature spine and is approximately 45 inches long – measured from her nose ring, over the head, along her back, to the tail tip.
Topaz’s wired wings have a span that can be adjusted up to 20 inches.

The arms and legs are attached with covered button joints, and are fully wired, Topaz may be posed with care.

Sangria is finished and looking for his new nest.

double set of wings

Black and red feather boa mane

Olive green eyes

This is Sangria- a red and black Pixie Dragon – 2 sets of wings = 4 wings. He was just hatched and is ready to find his new home, preferably one with red wine and citrus fruits.

Pixie dragons are very fast, and are often ridden by the Fae. The 4 winged Pixie dragons are highly prized for their speed and agility.

Sangria’s body, belly, and outer wings are made from a red lycra velvet, matched with a black Lycra velvet for his inner wings and ears. He has olive green eyes, and I used a black texture paint for his face nubs and claws, and a black/red feather boa for his mane. comes with a name tag and bell.

Eclipse = Moon Shadow Dragons

I can’t believe it is August already!  I’ve gotten so many new dragons cut out in July.  Time to start sewing for the late August early September hatching.

This morning I had a great idea, and  I cut out 4 all black – Eclipse Moon Shadow Dragons, in honor of the upcoming eclipse.  I’ll start sewing them this Monday, and will try to have them finished ASAP.  Probably not enough time to sew them and ship them before the “Big Event”, but they can watch the eclipse with me.  “Eclipse” Moon Shadow Dragons – will be black- with yellow manes.

I’ll post pictures when they are hatched.


This is Suminagashi – a Ryder Dragon.

I love this fabric, and the striped boa. I sold Sumin in 2016.  I really need to find more of this ostrich boa and make myself one like this,

This is Suminagashi – (Sumin for short), … She is an amazing Ryder Dragon.

Once I found this black and white Lycra velvet fabric, I was trying to come up with the perfect name, I looked at types of paper marbling, and loved “Suminagashi.

( “The first forms of Japanese marbling were called Suminagashi, or “ink floating”. Delicate, swirled patterns were produced on paper when colors of ink were floated on the surface of the water. The artist would drop circles of black and indigo blue ink into the water, then blow gently on the surface of the water to produce smoke-like patterns. Marbling later became popular with members of the Japanese royal court. They used a slightly different technique to produce Suminagashi. They would decorate paper with sumi-ink then immerse the paper in water. As the inks floated to the surface, beautiful patterns would appear.”)

I used a black Lycra velvet fabric for her under wings and spiral wrapped horns – and back spine points.

Suminagashi’s mane is from the last of a black and white Ostrich boa, I had been saving for a special dragon.

She has pale blue eyes with black velvet eye lids, a wooden name tag, bell and a white collar.

I used a black texture paint for her face nubs and claws.