Two Guardians, a Reiver and a Pixie to compare for sizes

Avatar- Royal Guardian with shell horns and claws

Size comparison Pixie Reiver and Guardian

group shot

Chandraki- Guardian size, I used larger eyes and added a nose ring.

Chandraki and Avatar

shell claws , usually only on Royals

Sadly, I don’t have a Royal right now to add to the group pics….

Every dragon is an individual, the sculpting gives each face it’s own personality.


Magpie has arrived safely, and is well loved

Sea Dragon, Badenoch

Fluke tail

went with an ostrich boa and wired antlers.

I forgot to post finished pics of “Badenoch”, He turned out wonderfully and I will try to hatch his siblings- in 2018.


I got some good questions today, and decided to share them.

  • I LOVE Halloween!!! I am VERY interested in your black-and-purple Bat-wing Reiver dragons! Can you please show me the fabric? (2) And a photo of what the bat wings look like? (3) And may I please tentatively reserve one bat-wing dragon in black-and-purple, with either purple or green eyes, whichever you think best? (But NO nose ring and NO harness, I would want my black-and-purple bat-wing Halloween dragon to be “wild”, not at all tamed!)

    (4) Also for Halloween, what is a Black Drat? And how big is it? And what does it cost?

    (5) Again for Halloween, what is a Dragonkinz? And the size and cost?

    I’ll ask about some others in a separate message.

    Thank you! – M….. ; )

Hi M…..,

While the Halloween dragons are still in the planning stage, I have made larger dragons in the midnight purple I will be using – Lilith was the first– she also has bat wings, and of course the Halloween Reivers can have either a black or dark purple body.  They will be very dark dragons, and I will add a black mane of either fur or ostrich boa- depending on which looks best. I’ll be cutting them out in July and will send you some pics as I work on them.

Midnight purple Fabric

Taboo – Tiger Drat

A Drat – half Dragon and half cat; the best way to describe one is a furry dragon with paws, cat ears and whiskers- (I have made a few of these, but a black one will be new)

A Drabbit- half dragon and half Rabbit, is about the same as a Drat but with rabbit ears and a tail puff.     I haven’t made one of these yet. I’m thinking of them for next Easter.

DragonKinz are a style of “not dragon” creatures I’ve come up with, although they are still a work in progress. I’ll need to calculate the cost of making one before I can set a price.

Basically I want to start sculpting and casting resin parts for the faces, feet and hands, they will be Gryphons, of various sorts, eagles, owls, ravens, and other combinations of forest creatures.  Sadly, to make DragonKinz work I either have to cut back on Dragons or give up sleeping…possibly alternate months between the two.



Lilith- made form a midnight purple fabric

These are bat wings

Saber- Tiger Drat

Diego – Ocelot cat Drat

fluffy paws



The other question was mostly about the differences between a Reiver and a Pixie

Hi Sherry –


Can you please give me a bit of a dragon education?

I was looking at your website at the different types of dragons. I don’t see the Pixie type listed on the Dragons Descriptions page:

It appears that all the Reivers have two wings, but all the Pixies have four wings – is that correct?

And all the Reivers have a nose ring and harness, but the Pixies do not – is that right?

What are other differences between Reivers and Pixies?

Are the Reivers and Pixies very similar in size of body?

And size of wingspan?

Do you have any photos showing a Reiver and a Pixie next to each other, for comparison?

And do you have any photos showing those one or both of those two types together with one of your larger Guardian dragons, so I can see how the larger Guardian compares in size?

Thanks for your help!

Take care, M….. ; )


Hi M……,
Basically the Pixies are new, they were designed to replace the (retired)Nipper/baby dragons.  They are a combinations of several prototype dragon designs- The double wings are a nod to dragonfly wings- I like them, but some preferred the single set so I always have a few of those made too. I can put in nose rings and a harness if desired, but usually don’t.

Reiver vs Pixie
The Reiver’s wing span is 19 – 21, The pixies wingspans are a bit smaller- 18-19 I’ll need to fix that typo- thanks for finding it.

The Pixies have “standing legs” and the Reivers are designed to lay on your shoulder and have “Resting legs”.

The Reiver has a ball and socket doll armature and that makes it easier to ride on your shoulder, the Pixies have a wire armature. Still bendable but not as secure.The reivers limbs are attached with a covered button joint, while the pixies limbs are attached with crystal beads.

The Reivers are bigger,with  longer body and more detailed, than the pixies

Reivers and Pixies have different shaped wings, and ears

fan ears

longer ears

pixies wings have a single wire and are long and thin, most have double sets, single set wings are an option.

Reiver wings are more traditional dragon wings, most are fully wired.

Scorch- I used to add small hearts to all the Baby Dragon tails

I try to design new dragons every year and retire older patterns.  I’ve been hatching dragons for over 20 years and probably have 60 or more different dragon patterns retired.  I might bring some of them them back….Lol…





Rowen has found his new home

Rowen- Reiver Shoulder Dragon

June’s Dragons- listed on Etsy 6-16-17

Listed today on Etsy

Tiramisu – Moogon – reserved

Rowan – Reiver $125

Reserved – Hunter -Pixie

Ready for their close-ups!

Sherbet – Pixie -$125

Thistle-Pixie -Sold

Trinket – Reiver -$185

Magpie – Reiver – $185

Rage – Pixie – $Sold

Cosmos – Pixie –  Reserved $125

Storm – Pixie – Reserved $120

New fabrics

2017 fabric 7

a dark rose/coral with red glitter, very pretty but wasn’t quite what I was looking for. Still it will be used to make amazing dragons

2017 fabric 3

This is the coral/ pink I was looking for, but no glitter…best match so far. I’m using this to make more requested Pixies.

2017 fabric 6

Finally found a cow print velvet, I’m making a Moo-gon for the next batch.

2017 fabric 5

Love this snake print in blacks and creams!

2017 fabric 4

This will be used to make some Autumn Dragons. I’m planning on some Fall Pixies with leaf wings.

2017 fabric 1

My new favorite, Definitely going to make Ryder, Reiver and Pixie dragons out of this fabric.

2017 fabric 7 (2)

I’ve had this in black, but finding it in pink- Thank-you EBay, I’m making sugar-plum Pixies for some of the Holiday Dragons!

Bumble Dragon – Sting

IMG_6256IMG_6259IMG_6266IMG_6261 IMG_6263 IMG_6265 IMG_6257 IMG_6258

Sting is an amazing Bumble Dragon. I hadn’t made a Bumble in a long while, and I tweaked the pattern so much for this one, it is practically a new style Bumble.
I finally gave up waiting for striped yellow /black fabric Lycra velvet to appear and just pieced together the two colors.
Sting is much bigger than the earlier Bumbles. I am really very pleased with the way Sting turned out.I added visual contrast by using both colors on his head, and using yellow texture paint.
He has yellow eyes and a faux fur mane in yellow and black.Sting’s legs are in a standing position (rampant), and stands about 13 inches tall. Measured from the nose, over the head and along the back to the tail tip – the length is approximately 33 inches. Sting has clear wings which are dusted in glitter.The body has a bead and wire armature and the legs, feet, ears and arms are wired.
The arms and legs are attached with covered button joints.

Please, None of my dragons are Toys! They are Fiber Art, and are not intended for small children! – (small parts may pose a choking hazard)

Never fear,  Bumble Dragons are very gentle and usually to not sting.

All the dragons started last Fall are… finished!

IMG_6241 IMG_6250 IMG_6257 IMG_6284 IMG_6301 IMG_6303 IMG_6313 IMG_6319 IMG_6327 IMG_6334 IMG_6346 IMG_6360 IMG_6366 IMG_6374 IMG_6383 IMG_6412 IMG_6404It took far too long,  but I finally finished all the dragons started last Fall,

Now I will be finishing up and mailing out a  long over due Faerie coat, then another secret project.  Not counting on any dragons finished for Etsy until April.

Which means the DragonKinz Gryphons are now being moved to May- June.

Finally back to Dragon Hatching

Greetings to all, and best wishes for a great 2017.

Can’t believe it almost February!

The next batch of dragons for Dragontry are almost done. I hope to get them all photographed and listed by next Monday. If you have reserved a dragon/s I will be sending you an email and pictures soon.  There will be 19 dragons total.

It seems strange to have taken so much time off, but it was time well spent.

I had a great Holiday,  was able to spend time getting my Dragon-Kinz project going, and I had a few lessons on mold making and casting, (Thank-you Tiff). I’ve decided to work on Dragontry and Dragon-Kinz alternating months.

I will be casting Gryphon Dragon-Kinz in March, and will list them when they are finished, (late March). Assuming I’m happy with the prototypes. Dragon-Kinz will be winged creatures that will be hand size for carrying , or can rest on a shoulder via a harness ( harnesses will be sold separately, and if I design them correctly will work with Nipper to Royal size dragons)

My 11 year dog Druid, got some good news, I am so happy to say my furry baby’s cancer is now in remission, Yay! While he will stay on the Palladia (chemo 3x weekly), Druid is back to his funny ways.