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8/14/2018 – Sadly, Druid lost his battles, and while the cancer contributed to his passing,  I’d like to think he beat it for almost 2 years.  He was always very spoiled and loved, and will always remain in my heart.

6/28/18 – Picture of Druid outside, he’s doing pretty good, he’s back to having trouble getting up, but once outside he enjoys walking around.

6/03/18 – Druid is slowly getting better. Switching to homemade food has really helped him get his appetite back.  I have started giving him omega 3 oil,  he seems to be more alert, and is getting himself up, which is a big deal, I’ve been having to pick up his back legs for him!

5/28/18 – After 2 weeks, (4 doses of the Paladia Druid was having trouble walking again, so he off the Paladia  for the rest of May.  He has been  recuperating and is doing better, not sure if I will try Paladia again.  He has good days and bad days, but Druid is still good company and I am spoiling him.  I’ve started making his dog food again,  he really perks up when I’m cooking ground turkey and comes into the kitchen to supervise. I found him stuck under the kitchen cart, he looked so perplexed.

5/6/18 – Druid did pretty good this week, Paladia on Tuesday and Thursday, a little distress on Wednesday and Friday so far so good, it looks like the Prilosec is working on his stomach problems.  I also found him some back legs braces to wear, they should  help with his arthritis.


It looks like while Druid is winning many battles with his Cancer, he is still loosing the war.

Last week’s check up showed that his cancer is slowly coming back.  We are all a bit sad, but it was not unexpected.  Druid should have many months ahead of him.   His Dr suggested we try giving Druid one more  3 month round of Paladia (chemo) to slow any growth and start him on Prilosec to curb any stomach issues from the Paladia.  Which we are doing and hoping for the best.  Druid turned 13 last  January, I’m hopeful he will make it to 14.

I’ve taken over the first floor to keep an eye on Druid while working on dragons, and he can keep me in sight as well.  Druid doesn’t climb stairs very well anymore.

I will try to get a few dragons done over the summer, and will try to list the ones I’ve hatched monthly. But I will be busy spoiling Druid as much as possible too.

10-4-2017- Sorry it has been awhile since I updated Druid’s blog.  Druid is doing about the same.  But the last ultrasound in September showed one of his Lymph nodes was enlarged.  I have been so heartbroken I have not been able to work.  Druid is back on the Palladia 3 times a week to keep any future growth in check, and he goes back next week to see if the node has shrunk back.

The good news is his Dr said there was NO sign the cancer had returned, and not to worry about the high ALP numbers- that is a result of the Palladia. He also thinks Druid can survive another 2 years if the Paladia keeps working, and or the side effects aren’t too severe.   If  they are, then we’ll decide if staying on the higher dose is worth the side effects- it is a double edged sword.  

The arthritis meds (pain Pills) are allowing Druid to go up and down stairs (with supervision), and to play with his new sibling – Yes, we got Druid a puppy  (a 4 month old Goldador) we named her Luna.  Druid and her snuggle together, and Druid enjoys romping in the yard with her.




8-16-17- Druid went to his vet today to see about getting arthritis meds and Heart Guard.   The blood work showed an extremely high  alkaline phosphatase (ALP), could be many causes, Palladia could be the cause of the high numbers, or Cushings disease? I will bring it up the next time we see his oncologist. In the mean time he’ll be on pain medication and switching to a low fat diet.( Weighed 68 lbs).

Let’s see if we can get his numbers lower before he goes back in next  month.

8-10-17- Druid is managing well on the lower dose of  Palladia,  he does seem to still be losing his balance outside, but at least he can run down to the pond before having to sit.

7-16-17 – Druid is doing better with the Palladia at the lower dose of 2x a week, the lameness is about gone, we shall see if he starts getting lame again, ( a known side affect in about 23% of dogs).  Fingers crossed.  I did give him a haircut, he is much cooler, and a much lighter color, he’s gone from a red to a blonde, LOL.

6-16-17-Druid is doing great as far as the cancer- still in remission, but he is getting very lame in his back legs!  Talked to his DR., and  Druid will be getting less chemo to see if that helps with his mobility.  He’ll also be getting his summer haircut soon.  I will be doing it myself so he may have a few bad hair days in his future.  With the chemo he can no longer get any vaccinations so  no exposure to unknown dogs for him.

5-19-17- Druid is looking much better with some hair grown back in! 

He is feeling so much better. On one hand he has a renewed enthusiasm for chasing down to the pond, or after various wildlife,  on the other hand he also has arthritis  so he should not over do it.  Walking on a leash for now.  Much better for Druid, and the geese.

Over all , not too bad for a 12 year old puppy!


3-17-17 – Druid is doing great, all the redness is gone, and he is back to his barky self.  Thank you Lacey, for your good thoughts, he is indeed a warrior dog at heart.


Right after Druid’s bath last week


Hanging out with me “Mommy”

3-2-17- Druid had his right eye removed on Tuesday, we picked him up on Wednesday, he slept through the night, and have kept him close today.

His eye looks better than I had thought it would. He is on enough meds to manage the pain, especially for bedtime or if he gets too active.  I will be so glad when he has healed.  He had half his face shaved for the surgery, once it grows back in it will just look like his eye is closed.

20170301_175006 (1)

2-23-17- I am so sad…

Druid’s Surgeon gave us some bad news… Druids lens had luxated (floating loose) the only thing that could be done to alleviate the pain in his eye was to remove it.  And while rationally I know that is the best course it is just making me so devastated.  He survives cancer but looses an eye.

He is scheduled to have his bad eye removed next Tuesday, all the literature says dogs recover and do well – all the pain will be gone after recovery) and he should adjust very well (he has been blind in that eye probably from birth)

Keeping him on chemo, since it is working so well, high blood pressure is not a known side effect.  Best guess Druid’s cataract and lens dislodged due to trauma, possibly bumped it, I really wish he could tell me.


2-21-17 – Just when things are going well, sigh….

Druid’s bad eye was swollen,  red and his cataract had started to fold over -this weekend, he is blind in that eye, my thought was high blood pressure caused by the chemo, but his oncologist says no…but we are still taking him in for  them to take a look.

(Druid had a cataract in that eye when we rescued him, we took him to the Dog ophthalmologist  to remove the cataract.  But after an ultrasound, we found out  it was already to late, the retina was detached, and the Ophthalmologist did not recommend surgery. )


1-25-17- So far, so good.

Druid’s recheck in January went very well, no signs of cancer regrowth.  There will be more tests in March.  But He is in remission for now!

Anal Sac Gland Adenocarcinoma (ASGAC) – in remission.
Pending follow-up.
Appointment Date:
In 3 months at ASC to evaluate Druids progress.
Additional Information:
At this time Druid is doing very well.
Rectal examination and abdominal ultrasound revealed no evidence of regrowth of the cancer.
We will re-evaluate Druid in 3 months. At that time we will perform an abdominal ultrasound examination to make sure that his
cancer is in remission and recheck his blood values.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding Druid, please do not hesitate to call us at ASC.
Palladia: Continue Druid on the previously prescribed Palladia. Let us know if there are any complications with refills.”





11-30-16- 20161126_171726Gave Druid his early Christmas gift, he loves his new bed….now if he could only keep the cat off of it.


11-13-16 – Druid’s last appointment was on the 9th, his surgeon was well pleased with the progress,  no new cancer growths in the anal area, and all the blood work was great.  It is too early to say the cancer is in remission, but we’ll take it as a good sign.  Next appointment is is January, they will do an x-ray, and  an ultrasound to check the spots on his stomach and lungs. plus we will get the next script of chemo drugs.  While the Palladia won’t kill the cancer cells, it does stop the cancer from growing and spreading.  Not a cure, but will extend his life for as long as it works with out doing liver or kidney damage.

Right now he is my Velcro baby and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


10-22-16 – This morning I baked Druid his chicken.   We are vegetarians so it is all for Druid.  I mix the chicken with “Core Wellness” dog food, brown rice, and some fruits and veggies.   I had put him on diet food earlier this year when his vet wanted him to loose weight,  but seriously, I’m not worried about him being overweight anymore.


So much better

10-16-16- What a difference 2 weeks has made, Druid is back to his old self and is doing fairly well on his chemo days.  I can tell he is a bit sorer and sleepier after his Palladia pills.

Looking back at the photos from when I brought him home after surgery,  he is so much better, all the red is gone, and you would have to look hard to see the scars.

After reading the pathology report they removed a large mass, and 2 lymph nodes, so I know every day with Druid is a treasure.


10-9-16 – Druid has had his 2nd Palladia dose on Friday, it was a little scary- he seemed to be sore , stumbled while going upstairs, and had intense drooling.

But to be fair he did a lot of running Saturday morning, going after a crane, and seems to have fully recovered from his surgery.

10-5-16- Druid is recovering well and should be able to get back to his normal routine this week.  As expected the biopsies confirmed it was indeed cancer- no surprises there.  We brought home his Palladia/ chemo drug and other meds- he will get Palladia 3 times a week, and Metoclopramide  every 8 hours for the next 2 weeks to help with stomach upset.  Also getting 2.5 pepcids every 12 hours.  We were kind of shocked by the expense, almost $1000. for the medications – but after thinking about it and doing the math it works out to about $100 a week.  I’ll need to be on a budget for the foreseeable future.

I gave him his first chemo doses and he is now sleeping away, hopefully he will wake up for his bedtime pills.  I will keep a close eye on Druid tomorrow.

10-4-16 – Druid has learned to use the ramp we got for him last Saturday!     First day we walked him on it in the house, Sunday , moved the ramp to the front steps for him to use.  He wasn’t sure if he liked it, but today (  Tuesday) I just point and say ramp and he will at least go up it.  The real test will be getting him to use the ramp to get in and out of  the back of the SUV when we go for the surgeon follow-up.

10-3-16 – Druid is doing so amazingly well, I need to keep him leashed when we go out so he doesn’t go after squirrels. And he has been able to go up and down stairs with no problems.  We go back in 2 days to go over the biopsies, and for them to check his stitches.  I am preparing for the worst, but hoping for the best! I think they will put him on Palladia.

I’ve been boiling chicken and mixing it with rice- for his meals, and giving him some special treat every day.

9-29-16 –  Druid is feeling better! He looks so funny with his rear end shaved, but he is walking better and doing his “business” outside. He is on antibiotics, and pain pills if needed.

I have set up a sewing table in the living room to be close to Dru- no stairs for him yet.   He is sleeping at my feet helping me work on the Dragons.


9-26-16- Druid had his surgery and we picked him up on Tuesday, he is doing as expected, sore but able to walk slowly, sleeping a lot.  The surgery was extensive, this kind of cancer is always malignant and had spread to his lymph glands, of which two were  also removed,  we will get the results from the biopsies next week, and he will need at home Chemo meds.  Fortunately he doesn’t know how sick he really is.


I’ll spare you the “under the tail” pics, they were far worse. This is a pic of his belly area, which they went through to remove the enlarged Lymph nodes, and just to prove that he’s a special boy, he turned out to have had an allergic reaction to the sutures and surgical tape.


9-22- 16- I found a lump on my Furry Baby -Dog’s hind end, and got him into the vets.  She recommended an animal surgical Center in Flint. (about an hour away) I called the surgical center and he has an appointment with an Oncologist on Friday for a surgical evaluation and a Cat-Scan.  Damn, the Vet was right, Druid has a large tumor and one, maybe two enlarged Lymph nodes, cancer has probably has spread. I’ve done a lot of looking on the internet, and I’ve seen way too many dog rear ends, it doesn’t look like Druid will have a lot of time left, but he is 11+ -ish , so a few more years might be his normal life span.  For anytime left,  he will be spoiled and pampered.

“Adenocarcinoma, Anal Sac/Perianal in Dogs. While anal gland/sac cancer (adenocarcinoma) is not common, it is an invasive disease that does not generally have a positive outlook. Usually seen as a rectal growth (mass) on the animal, it also is common to find the disease in the lymph nodes.”

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