Shipping Policies

Mostly to save time,  I am succumbing to Etsy’s Lures, and I will be letting them calculate the shipping, print the labels and pre-paid shipping. They have contracted for a bulk rate which should save on shipping.

Then, I will be dropping packages off once a week at the Post Office (in theory), I can arrange  package pick up too.

For International Shipping, using Priority Mail International shipping, insured with tracking…is preferred, and will be the only option next year – 2017.                           It will probably mean fewer sales, but it will be a lot less stressful for me as the seller and for all the buyers as well.

Until January 2017  – International first-class package will be an option, Buyers may select a cheaper shipping, with the knowledge there is no tracking, or insurance, and it may take up to 2 weeks for delivery. I will not consider a package lost until 30 days after shipping.

I know shipping International can be expensive, but I must fill out all custom forms honestly –please don’t ask me to be untruthful.  I have no control over, or any responsibilities for any taxes, duties and custom fees you may be charged upon delivery.

I ask for your patience if a package takes longer than expected to arrive.  And it may be even longer if it is inspected by customs.

I appreciate your understanding.

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