Dragon Gallery – 2009 – 2011

Shenanigan – Beautiful Royal Dragon, sold 2011

Chhaya - Dragontry-Soft-sculpture Reaper Dragon

Chhaya – Tiger Reaper Dragon – sold 2011

Sita - Dragontry-Soft-sculpture Reaper Dragon

Sita – Reaper Dragon, sold 2011

Skye - Dragontry-Soft-sculpture Reaper Dragon

Skye – sold 2011 – a Blue Reaper Dragon

Ravi - Dragontry-Soft-sculpture Reaper Dragon

Ravi – sold 2011- one of the tiger dragons I hatched for Christmas.

Hades – sold 2011 – Guardian Dragon- I love this red striped fabric, and the black and red striped ostrich boa for the mane


Kalidor – sold 2011 – a special order Reaper, he is quite the charmer

Reserved for Léonie, Please, no one else purchase

Tundra – sold 2011 , a special order Wyvern- the first one I had made in years, but she turned out wonderfully.

DarkStar- Reaper Dragon-Reserved for Johannsmeyer

Dark Star- sold 2011 – a special order Reaper

Scorch, a Baby Dragon by Dragontry

Scorch – sold 2011, a Nipper Baby Dragon – so adorable

Mocha Dragon, Dragontry-Soft-sculpture Reaper Dragon

Mocha – Reaper Dragon – sold 2011, such a cutie


Shiraz – sold 2011 – a Guardian dragon- I love the way the fabric pattern on the neck turned out.

Bailiwick – sold 2011 – a Reaper dragon- such a beauty

Banshee, A Dragontry Dragon

Banshee – sold 2011 – The first dragon I added claws to, I still regret not keeping this one..



Smolder – sold 2009

Nirvana, The percher dragon

Nirvana – sold 2010

Carob the Guardian Percher

sold 2009, my first one sold on Etsy


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