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10-4-17- September was a busy month, and I have not gotten much Art work finished, I do have a few started and will finish them as I can.

I will be finishing up the dragons I have started, and will list them when they are hatched.

I had been thinking of getting a puppy for awhile,  to keep Druid company, and so Druid could help a puppy acclimate into the new pack.

In September, everything fell into place to get a puppy from a friend/ cohort of my daughter if we were still interested.  We packed up Druid and met half way (She is in Houston) turns out just over the Arkansas border is halfway, and met our new puppy- Luna.  Druid and her hit it off, and snuggled together on the way back.

I had forgotten how much energy a puppy has, and like a toddler- everything goes into her mouth.



8- 26-17- Finally after many days of Flu – I feel great!  While being so sick I wasn’t able to stand even the smell of coffee,  so I have decided this is the time to kick my coffee habit.

Currently I’m drinking 1 cup of plain black tea a day, no sweetener, or cream for now …. a big difference from the 4-6 cups of coffee I was used too.  I hope to eventually switch to herbal tea.

I’m back to sewing, and will have a few dragons finished soon…

8-16-17- Just found out I’m hosting a birthday party, so time to go into Super Grandma mode, all Dragons on hold while I get ready, guess it’s time to finish Spring cleaning…Lol.  After Leo’s party it will be Time to work on Halloween.

8-10-17-This week , Hellebore and Madeira have found their forever nests.      I’m not sure why Topaz is still looking, maybe I’m meant to keep her for myself.  This week I finally finished the red Pixie “Sangria”.  Today I’ve got a few errands to take care of, then it is back to sewing.  My order of new fabrics arrived, so I will be cutting out the Halloween dragons this week-end.

8-3-17 – I can’t believe it is August already!  I’ve gotten many dragons cut out and I’m almost ready to start sewing for the late August early September hatching.  I’ve cut out 4  Eclipse Moon Dragons, in honor of the upcoming eclipse.  I won’t have all of them finished before the big event so any that are not hatched in time to be shipped will be renamed as Moon Shadows? or New Moons.?


Olive to Brown tie dye velvet, used for body fabric

A brown to green panne tie dye fabric, used for the under fabric

7-25-17 – I’ve been cutting out  a new design of dragons, “Woodland”- Oak Leaf dragons, I only had enough of the olive tie dye for 4 oak leaf dragons, so there will only be 4 Oak leafs this year. Next,  I will cut out 4 Maple Leaf  dragons.

I also have designed the bat wings I’m using for Halloween dragons…

7-20-17- Thursday, Winter and Zephyr have made it to their new home, box was a bit mangled, but they arrived safely.  I’ve ordered better boxes!  The Ann Arbor Art Fairs are this weekend, weather permitting we’ll go on Sunday.  Monday I will start sewing the next batch.

7-18-17- Both Winter (white) and Zephyr (peacock) have sold together, and will be heading off to their new home and flock. I know they will be going to a great “dragon Lady”, she has now purchased  twenty-two, of my dragons.

There is one dragon left in Etsy unsold , the rest have been reserved except for Topaz.  Once the Etsy shop is empty I will put Dragontry as on vacation until September.

I’m cutting out the dragons to sew for the rest of this year, and have started sewing a few prototypes.

7-16-17-  I finished the snow dragon and have Winter listed, she is so pretty, it will be hard to let her go.

I will get the Peacock one finished today and probably listed Monday.  Then it is time to start sewing and finishing a pair of Wedding dragons.

Originally the Guardian dragons had cords hidden in belly pockets that could be pulled out and used to secured the dragon on a fore arm.

I’m contemplating adding back a hidden pocket to add a magnet to? With a second magnet to go under clothing or into a shoulder harness.  I’m pretty sure a magnet would not hold a large dragon, but reiver size and smaller might work well.  I’ll be experimenting with magnets soon.

I watched my grandson fall in love with the peacock dragon last night , even though it had no limbs he ran around with the body over his shoulders and then held the dragon in front while guiding the dragon with the wings outstretched.    I quickly knew that he really enjoyed the wings.

I came up with a new idea/design for a New Reiver dragon- same size body but a longer tail, with larger wired wings.  I’ll be spending next weekend cutting out a dozen of the new design.  Hopefully I’ll have a few made in September.

7-12-17- I’ve been working on two guardian dragons, a glittery white  and a peacock pattern, I hope to have them finished and listed by next Monday.

Then I will be working on a pair of dragons for a wedding gift.

I’ve designed a new style of Jeweled dragons for them, I’m hand sewing on crystal beads.  Also I’ll be making the dragons bridles and saddles.

I’ll probably retire some dragon designs in 2018- I think the Royal may go, or at least be on hiatus for a year. Also when I sew the last of the Nipper and sprite eggs- they are gone.

7-5- 17 – Last night it was like a war zone with all the fireworks…ended up medicating the dogs and holding them until they were not trembling.  Needless to say there wasn’t much dragon work going on, I was able to get 2 large dragons finished on the 3rd, and will be working on more today.  I had hoped to have 5 done, but 2 might be it for listing tomorrow.

7-2-17- Almost the 4th of July…wow where has the summer gone ?…     Currently I’m dog sitting  (Luci, my daughter’s family dog) while they are on a trip.   Both her and Druid are terrified of fireworks, last night there were so many fireworks going off it sounded like a war zone.

I will be listing dragons next week,  on the  6th….these will likely be the last dragons until September.

I’m also working on a dragon saddle – and head bridle…

I have plans to create a “dragon Pattern” to sell in 2018… I’m going to start with the Nipper since it is retired.  If it takes off then I’ll progress to other dragons and mythological creatures.   I hear PDF patterns are popular, but printed ones will be available too.

6-20-17- (Today through Friday) – I’ll be working on a Burgundy, a purple scale, a dark Purple and a Peacock Guardians, a metallic teal Percher, and two special (secret for Now) Jeweled dragons.  I’ll also be starting to cut out dragons for the Future….

6-19-17 – (Monday) All the sold dragons are packaged and off to their new homes!   6 Dragons should be landing soon.

6-18-17 – I had a great weekend, enjoyed Father’s Day with my great family.

6-16-17- I listed the dragons this morning , and all but 2 have either been purchased or reserved! Yay!  I also had some new dragon purchasers, welcome to all of them- and enjoy your dragons when they arrive.

I’m in the process of moving my sewing area up to the first floor for the summer (Druid -my furry baby is having a hard time with stairs). 

I have 4 guardians and 1 percher to finish before the end of June, (2 guardians are already spoken for- those get finished first)  I also have been thinking of sewing more Bumbles… I have 7 cut out, I’d love to  list a swarm, LOLThen I will be cutting out dragons in July for the rest of the year….I know I want to sew more pixies, some Forrest dragons- with oak leaf wings…Halloween dragons and Yule dragons.  I will also need to sew more large dragons…maybe another sea-dragon or Asian dragon with 5 fingers So many fabrics…waiting to be turned into dragons….


6-15-17- Yes, I finally have some dragons finished! although there are still 6 more setting on my table ready to be wired, Lol.  I’m hoping to get those finished this month!   I’m thinking of trying to do fewer dragons -but get one or two done each month- the bigger batches look good on paper- but still seem to take 2-3 months to finish….or possibly go back to custom orders and just do 10-12 dragons a year?

5-19-2017- Friday – Let’s see, Life has been hectic, been dealing with some drama,  the damage from the tree hitting the garage is finally repaired. I’m working on painting a ” Where the Wild things are” mural in the grandson’s room ( should have it finished this summer)

I am so close to getting the next batch of dragons hatched.

Best guess Monday or Tuesday, depending on Druid. The last 4 weekends have all been fun family time, but this weekend I will be able to get this batch of dragons stuffed, painted and hopefully assembled.  Pictures on Monday and Listings  Tuesday and Wednesday.  As I remember there will be 7 Pixies, 3 Reivers, 2 Perchers and 3 Guardians.  I’m also finishing 2 long overdue wedding dragons.

Pics to follow

3-4-2017-   It’s been awhile since I last posted.

Druid is now in cancer remission (staying on Palladia was the way to go)!

Unfortunately his blind eye became luxated – the lens detached and was causing him pain, the eye swelled to the point where it had to be removed.  So back to the surgeon we went.  Druid looks so much better than I had feared he would, but it is still hard to see him go through this. He is actually adjusting well.

As for dragons, the last batch (ended up being 19 dragons) are finished, sold,  and have found their forever-nests!  Which was actually great timing, the profits all went towards Druid’s eye surgery (worth every penny)!

I had used the last of my pink/coral fabric making an orange sherbet pixie, and of course that was the one color combo several people asked for.   I ordered more coral glitter fabric – it is not an exact match but hopefully the next coral pixies will be  loved by the those who asked for them.

My plan for the next batch is to keep it simple, I plan on making – 2 wedding gift – Dragons, 10 Pixie, 10 Reiver dragons,  and a cow (Moogon) dragon. (23 dragons) hopefully done by the end of April, but more likely May.

Sadly that means I will be pushing the DragonKinz to June-July


1-25-17-  The next batch of dragons for Dragontry are almost done. I hope to get them all listed by next Monday.

It seems so strange to have taken so much time off, but it was time well spent. I had a great Holiday, and was able to spend time getting Dragon-Kinz going. I had a few hands on lessons on mold making and casting, (Thank-you Tiff). I’ve decided to work on Dragontry and Dragon-Kinz alternating months.

I will be casting Gryphon Dragon-Kinz in the spring, and will list them when they are finished. Assuming I’m happy with the prototypes. (Kinz will be winged creatures)

Druid, (12 year dog) my furry baby’s cancer is now in remission,Yay! He is still on the Palladia (chemo 3x weekly), and is back to his funny ways.  His liver enzymes are a bit high (from the chemo) so I am giving him Sam-e, and milk thistle.

February I will be working on special dragons for wedding gifts, and will post pics when they are finished and gifted.




There have been so many obstacles to dragon making this Fall. Early September we discovered Druid had cancer- a rare usually fatal type, Anal sack cancer.  I also caught a bad cold that ended up as bronchitis.

(Druid survived the surgery, they removed a large mass, and several lymph nodes. Needless to say, taking care of Druid was first on my list.)

The Holidays are almost here- I will be taking time to enjoy family, friends, and my furry baby.


10/22/16 – The website should be working now, yay! My computer geek husband and Go Daddy narrowed the problem down to me,  turns out I hadn’t updated to the newer version in WordPress.  At least I wasn’t hacked as I had originally feared.

10-16-16- There is always so much to do in the Fall, still working on the next batch of dragons, they should be ready to list soon.

10-9-16-What a cold Fall Day- it was 38 degrees when I went out this morning. Today I plan on stuffing, closing and painting dragons., Monday it is back to intense Sewing!

I’m thinking of making Druid Dragons for next year to help cover his medical expenses, Limited, signed and numbered, with resin heads and paws.  It will take a bit to develop, finding the perfect fur, sculpting a dog/dragon face- etc.

A goal for early 2017. Thanks Tiff for the great idea.

10-4-16- I really appreciate all the love and well wishes coming Druid’s way, a big heart felt thank you to everyone. Today I made Druid his own Druid update page and will add any Dru news there…

10-3-16 – Druid is doing so amazingly well, I need to keep him leashed when we go out so he doesn’t go after squirrels. And he has been able to go up and down stairs with no problems.  We go back in 2 days to go over the biopsies, and for them to check his stitches.  I am preparing for the worst, but hoping for the best! I think they will put him on a pill form of Chemo.

I’ve been boiling chicken and mixing it with rice- for his meals, and giving him some special treat every day.

9-29-16 –  Druid is feeling better! He looks so funny with his rear end shaved, but he is walking better and doing his “business” outside. He is on antibiotics, and pain pills if needed.

I have set up a sewing table in the living room to be close to Dru- no stairs for him yet.   He is sleeping at my feet helping me work on the Dragons.


9-26-16- Druid had his surgery and we picked him up on Tuesday, he is doing well, sore but able to walk slowly, sleeping a lot.  The surgery was extensive, this kind of cancer is always malignant and had spread to a lymph gland which was also removed,  we will get the results from the biopsies next week, and he may need Chemo.  Fortunately he doesn’t know how sick he really is.


9-22- 16- I found a lump on my Furry Baby -Dog’s hind end, and got him into the vets, you know it’s bad when your vet has tears in her eyes.  She recommended an animal surgical Center in Flint. (about an hour away) I called the surgical center and he has an appointment with an Oncologist on Friday for a surgical evaluation and a Cat-Scan.  Damn, the Vet was right, Druid has a large tumor and one enlarged Lymph nod, probably has spread. I’ve done a lot of research on the internet, and looked at a lot of dog rear ends, it doesn’t look like Druid will have a lot of time left, but he is 12 -ish , so a few more years might be his normal life span.  For anytime left,  he will be spoiled and pampered.

“Adenocarcinoma, Anal Sac/Perianal in Dogs. While anal gland/sac cancer (adenocarcinoma) is not common, it is an invasive disease that does not generally have a positive outlook. Usually seen as a rectal growth (mass) on the animal, it also is common to find the disease in the lymph nodes.”

9-21-16 – It has been a hectic week, ….

9-14-16 – Fall has arrived here in Michigan. The leaves are starting to turning colors, some are falling already.

We have already made out first trip to the orchard for cider, pumpkin donuts and apples.  The two grandsons love picking apples from the trees.  There will be many apple pies made this fall.

I’ve started sewing the dragons, plus I have a few projects to work on as well- guess I will be a very busy sorceress for a while.

9-8-16- I’ve been busily tracing, pinning and cutting out dragons,  the Night sprites and cut out,  and the two-headed ones as well. The bumbles are next on my list.

I will need to start sewing soon, probably next Monday.

The Pixies will be the new Nippers (small dragons).  I had retired the Nippers last year,  it took a while but almost all of the Nipper eggs are hatched. I am cutting out 60 of the Pixies –  30 to have in stock, and 30 to send to my dragon hatching daughter in TX.

I needed to order a bit more fabric, armature, and transparency wings- got that all done yesterday.

I decided to not try to print up my own wing transparencies- I found a wonderful place to order them-  , http://www.ooakartistemporium.com

The time I save,  will be well worth the added expense.  I will still add the iridescent film and glitter to make them my own.

8-31-16 – Spent the day working on the new patterns, The Pixie has been tweaked a bit, the ears are longer so they will show up more,  it will now have button covers, the tail will have an arrow point tail and 2 sets of wings will be an option.  I’m also thinking of making little saddles and harnesses for the racing ones.  Depends on if I can get a minion to make them, LOL.


The Imp is coming along,  And I will probably change the Bumbles back legs.

2016 Imp Dragon

Imp dragon

2016 bumble dragon

Bumble dragon

8-30-16- Yay,  “Sarry” has been tracked down and should be delivered by Friday! Thank you Manjula!  Now I am hoping she arrived safely, maybe she was out sight seeing after all.

8-28-16-All the dragons have landed, and are well loved, except for Sariel who went all the way to London….I was able to get confirmation that the pkg had arrived and is awaiting pick-up.  Nothing from the purchaser so far…. I’m not sure how to handle it, but I’ve sent another email this morning.  Sending a dragon International is always nerve racking. Hopefully she won’t be lost in Limbo.


8-2016 Sarry proof

8-25-16- All the purchased dragons are in the post and on their way to their new homes!

8-24-16- The Last 2 nippers were sold last evening, they are now boxed up, and I will ship them out Thursday morning…

8-23-16 – 3 of 7 dragons are boxed and ready to go… dropped off and on their way!   I will get the last 4 boxed up this evening!

100 Dragon Goal update- So far this year I have sold 49 dragons and have 4 still listed on Etsy…Wow, I’ve made 53 dragons this year!

I have 5 almost finished Ryder dragons- which when finished will up the count to 58.  The next batches are all smaller dragons that add up to 42, if I get them all finished I will make 100 by the End of December!

I’ll spend this week cutting them all out!

I am coming to the realization that I may not get all the dragons finished in time for the holidays this year, but fingers crossed!

I still have one batch to go ….but I have so many non dragon projects on hold they may need to take precedence.

8-21-16- August Dragons are listed!!!!  Did their “photo-shoots” and have gotten them listed,  they were all reserved so I sent along the pics and the dragons were very well loved. I will hate to see all of them head off this week, they turned out beautifully.

Now I get to clean up my sewing area, and then start cutting out the next batch.

8-20-16 – I’m taking today as family time, I was up at 4:3o this morning and got the dragons finished, Just need to get some pictures taken (tomorrow) and then get them listed! Yay!  Lot’s of pics to upload to the Facebook page….

8-19-16 – My 2nd trip to the Endo-dontist  this morning didn’t go well, he could only find 2 of three canals, so I went off to their Brighton office this afternoon for a cone beam scan, a 3-d x-ray. Hopefully I am one of those rare people who only have 2 canals.  Pretty much spent most of the day away from home and dragons.

8-18-16 – It’s been a productive day, I assembled and finished Sibyl- a Peacock Guardian Dragon, added the shell horns to the Royal blue dragon, assembled the Fyre Royal Dragon- and black Royal Dragon is painted. Tomorrow morning I should be able to assemble the black Royal Dragon before heading off the DDS.

After I get back home, it will be time to finish more dragons.  I really hope to get them all finished today and get the pics taken so I can get them listed over the weekend.

8-17-16- The Red/Lavender/Pink Ryder is finished… so pretty.  The red and purple eyes really set it off. I wanted a floral name- decided on Orchid, of course it will be easy to change if her new owner has a different name chosen.20160817_124309

8-16-16 – Spent the day working on the Sea Dragon,  From a new pattern and it turned out great.  Tomorrow I will assemble the Peacock Dragon, and the Red/Lavender Ryder (which looks more Red/ lavender and Pink).

Then I will paint the last three, they will all be done on Friday. Depending on how the DDS apt goes.  Hopefully I will get a chance to take pics, send emails and get them listed this weekend.

8-14-16  – Feeling much better, thank you for all the well wishes.

I should have all of the reserved dragons done today and finished soon.  It just wasn’t possible to get all  the unreserved dragons finished at this time, they are going to be added to future batches this year. I need to get the next dragons cut out in August in order to stay on track.

I am also working on two memory quilts for my nieces- those need to be done before the Holidays.

8-13-16 – Saturday – This morning my Jaw is sore and swollen- so I will be on antibiotics this week.

Today I’ll be working on the last of the Dragons this week end- Still have 3 Royals with claws, 5 Ryders to assemble and finish.  The Sea-dragon is amazing, I will be sad to see him go – I have 3 more cut out and the next one made will be in my own collection.

If the weather is clear on Monday I will be taking a lot of dragon pictures. Should have them listed soon.

Friday – I didn’t get much done on Friday. I decided to take it easy after going in for a root canal- sadly after  2 hours  the Dr decided I would need to come back in a week to finish it up.  I have to say it was fascinating to watch, I was able to see it reflected in his little mirror.  He drilled through the crown on the tooth and did it all through a tiny hole using a microscopic lenses.

8-11-16 – Stayed up late the last 2 nights working on dragons. I now have all the Reivers finished and listed, and all the Nippers assembled and waiting for their pics. Only Gypsy- Reiver, and  Peony- Nipper are still available.  Perhaps the next batch I will just list them all at one time.

I have the dark purple shoulder dragon finished and waiting for pics and the peacock will be finished today.  Then I will work on finishing the 3 Royals after I get back from the DDS tomorrow, and list them this weekend.

Then I just have the 5 Ryders to complete, it is taking much longer than I had anticipated to get the pics done and listings written, but taking a few day days getting the Nippers and reivers listed really helped my stress levels.

8-8-16- I will have all the Reivers finished this morning, thought about staying up late last night to get the button covers on, but my body said nooooo- get to bed.  Slept in until almost 7am so I must have been tired.  I will be working on the Royals and Sea dragons today! Ryders tomorrow, Nippers on Wednesday, and the rest on Thursday.

Friday I have an early morning root canal- and depending on how I feel and the weather, I should get some dragons listed!

8-7-16- Early Sunday morning, yay- up at 6am, coffee being sipped while I look upon a sea of dragon parts.  I need to decide if I want to finish all the Nippers and Reivers, take pics and list them on Monday – ( artistically satisfying),             or keep working on the larger dragons, getting them all done and listed together as a large batch.

I am down to just the Royals and Sea Dragon to work on.  The Royals still need to have their nose horns added so they will take at least 2-3 days to complete.  The Sea Dragon is going to be fun but time consuming there are a lot of flippers.  I would guess they won’t be ready for another week.

7am – Ok. I am full of caffeine, Druid has been walked, husband is still asleep…time to finish some dragons!

8-5-16- Yay Friday! Still looking good on finishing the dragons this weekend, today I’ll be adding shell claws and horns. I went ahead and listed a nipper, between taking pics and writing the listing it took a couple of hours out of dragon hatching time.  Back to hatching for me.

8-1-16- Last week was been a busy one,                                                                      Monday through Thursday I spent the afternoons with Orion, (Grandson ), He was attending  morning camp at the Natural History Museum in Ann Arbor, he loved it. It has been a long time since I had to Navigate the University area, thank goodness.  Had fun this weekend just taking time off to relax.

Monday morning wide awake at 5am, and Coffee is my friend. Back to work.    I’ve set the Etsy Shop off of vacation mode and relisted Grog.  Realized I would need more supplies, ordered more bells for the dragons.

Yikes, Where has the Summer gone?

I’ll be working on dragons all this week, and since it is such a large batch of 25+, I will list them in groups or orders as the dragons are ready.

Taking a bit longer than I had expected, ( usually does – I needed to order more bells). This weekend I should get all the dragons photographed , listings written, and up for sale in the Etsy shop starting on Sunday and into Monday.  Yay!

7-22-16 – Ann Arbor Art Fair = Summer heat, and at least one storm,  Temperatures are mid to high 90’s this weekend, and the storm went through yesterday. It was so bad a few artist’s tents collapsed, and a lot of water damaged art. I feel so bad for them.  One year Dragontry’s Pavilion tent was downed by a torrential storm- fortunately we just needed to run out and buy new poles.

Dragons are coming along, depending on how long I stay at the art faire, I may get them all stuffed this weekend. I have a few assembled, but many more to go…

7-15-16 – Starting to Sculpt, paint, and assemble this batch of dragons.  So many parts… this might take a bit longer than I had planned, but I think I will get them all finished and listed early August.  I need to get them finished so I can start cutting out the last batch of hatchlings to finish for this year….the rest of the new fabrics are waiting for me.


gold and brown tie dye swirl, with a hint of greys and teal


bright red, good for the holiday dragons


Left to right – a purple glitter swirl – royal purple, light Aqua- blue and aqua tie dye, and Royal Blue.


Left to right- more of the rainbow swirl, black, white, yellow and a bumble -bee stripe.

7-5-16- Dragons are coming along, we had a great Holiday weekend.     I will have all the sewing done today, then the last of wiring will take a few days.    Then adding all the claws to the Royals,  I’ll start stuffing all the parts next week.


6-30-16- Feeling great this morning!  I am on the mend, yay.

6-28-16 – One good thing about being sick is I spend a lot of time on Ebay fabric hunting,  just got the first box in the mail (Happy get well to me).


Has a raised wave pattern on browns and aquas. I think they look more like scales or little clouds, I bought 2 yards, wish I’d originally gotten more. I just checked and they are out of it now. Fingers crossed they get more in stock.


This is called an Olive tie dye, but in person it is much more brown than green. I like it a lot, I think it maybe the 2 yards of this will go towards some Forest Fae Moth Dragons…

Looking forward to the next boxes showing up.


6-26-16 – Lost most of last week being sick, finally gave up and allowed myself to be taken to urgent care. Turns out my summer cold turned into Pneumonia.  Antibiotics for the win, I’m finally on the mend.  Monday is back to dragons day.

6-21-16 – Sunday was Father’s Day and we spent at the Binder zoo with family.  Had a great- although very hot- time with the grandsons. My pedometer says I walked 6 miles.  Monday I came down with a summer cold and slept most of the day.  This morning I’m feeling a bit better today, sore throat and have a frog in my throat.


6-18-16- A very Hot Saturday, but I was able to get some gardening done this morning, I’ll be hiding out in the AC and sewing dragons until this evening.

After looking at Etsy, there was only one sad leopard dragon left….so I have deactivated Grog, and put the Etsy shop in vacation mode.

I will give Grog a make over , maybe a different color mane?  Then re-list him with the next batch.

I’m seriously thinking that quickly finishing the 5 Reiver dragons and listing them in July might be a good idea, at least for my bank account.

6-14-16 – Shipping out the gold Reiver Today, I think once I know Medallion has landed safely I am going to put the shop on Vacation until the next nestlings have been hatched.

6-13-16- Had a wonderful weekend, but now it is time to go back to working on the next batch (Perhaps  hatching or flock would be a better word?).  I only have one lonely Nipper dragon listed on Etsy.  This week is scheduled for finishing all the sewing, if I finish sewing, then I may have a few dragons that I could finish and list quickly.

6-9-2016 – I’m busily working on the next batch, and cutting out dragons for the Fall. I have the Moogan and Purple shoulder dragons ready for wiring.

All the reivers (5) are pinned and ready to sewn, turned and top-stitched today.

Update on my 100 Dragons in 2016 goal, So far I have sold 33 dragons, with two left in the Etsy shop = 35 made.

The next batch consists of 24 dragons- when finished =  59 dragons made so far….. a little behind for August,  but I still think I will reach my goal.

5-23-16 – I joined Deviantart site this morning, mostly because I found someone else using “Dragontry” on it.  I know it’s just a name and there are so many using Dragon-try , but it really bothers me when they are using Dragontry.  I’ve used Dragontry, and had the .com for over 20 years, also have .org and .biz parked.

Still thinking of joining Bear pile…

Update on my 100 Dragons in 2016 goal, So far I have sold 29 dragons, 5 in the Etsy shop = 34 dragons made.  There are 15 in the next batch which when finished in July will be 50 – a little behind, but still on track!

5-19-16-   I went through the cut out Royals, and I will need to cut out more of them this summer. I have two picked out for the next batch, that have the original Royal 8 tip wings.

I had changed the Royal wings to a 4 tip and claw a few years ago, to make shoulder riding easier. But since I gave the New Ryder dragon the 4 tip and claw wings…I think the Royals will go back to their 8 tip wings.

5-15-16-Having a “Stay-cation” this week,  going on a few day trips sight seeing, zoos, museums, spending time sketching and just relaxing.

I sorted through the “eggs” and decide on the next batch to work on this summer.

Start  May, finish by August

1 Royal Flame – clawed

1 Royal Ember –  clawed

3 Ryders – Silver/ Black, – Black/ splatter – Blue lightning

1 Guardian – custom wings, purple/ Amethyst

1 Sea Dragon – clawed

1 Moogan (Cow Dragon) Moo-phistopheles (if I can get it on a name tag)

5 Reivers – Burgundy/ gold,  – Green Swirl,  – Black, -Red/ black, Teal scale

3 Nippers – Yellow, – Light Blue/ Silver,  – Silver


5-3-16- Today I will finish and list Suminagashi , a black and white marbles Ryder Dragon.  And start the packaging process for the sold dragons.

Up date on my 100 Dragons in 2016 goal, So far I have sold 26 dragons, made (once the next batch is finished) 36 – still on track! Already planning the next batch, finally going to make bumble dragons and sea dragons.

5-2-16 –  Spent the entire day finishing up 4  Ryder Dragons, they were already reserved and sold as soon as they were listed.  I have one more Ryder to finish …
5-1-16 – Walked many miles, going to see Thomas the Train at the Henry Ford Museum really wore me out, spent the evening recuperating.

4-30-16- Thank you to all my dragon lovers.  The Moon Dragons have found homes, and will be shipped out ASAP.  I’ll have 6 Ryder Dragons finished and ready to list on Monday, – 5 – the purple, the rainbow, the teal, the black and the grey have already been reserved.  Must make more dragons!

We’ll be spending some family time this weekend,  going to see Thomas the Train at the Henry Ford Museum.

4-27 16 – Yay!  The 5 moon dragons are finished.                                                    Last Sunday I had a front tooth filling fall out, so I didn’t get as much done as I had planned, finally got in this morning to have it replaced.  Tomorrow I will finish up the Ryders, create their name tags, take all their pictures and the dragons will be listed on Friday! 

4-23-16 – one week later, still finishing up the next batch of 12 dragons, but they are in the final phase….should have them listed by Monday.

Up date on my 100 Dragons in 2016 goal, So far I have sold 18 dragons, made (once the next batch is finished) 32 – still on track!

4-16-16-(Saturday)  Will be finishing up the wiring, stuffing, closing, sculpting ,and painting all the parts before bed tonight. (Sunday) I will start assembling and finishing….Going to be a long weekend, I have 12 dragons to get done! Update- as of Sunday I only half of the dragons stuffed, looks like I was a bit ambitious…I’ll be finishing this batch hopefully in the next 2 weeks.

4-13-16 – Etsy decreed it was time to revamp the Esty store…spent 3 hours this morning creating and adding a new banner…. now back to sewing.

4-12-16 – Been a busy past few weeks, I was busily sewing and wiring the next batch of dragons, then had a crown come off of a back tooth, it was able to be re-set, but I am still  having a great deal of pain this week with the tooth. I finally called the DDS and will be on antibiotics- hopefully that will help me function.

I also had a wonderful visit with my daughter , granddaughter and a dear friend from Texas- they came up to Michigan for a convention.

3-18-16 – Enjoyed spending Easter with family, we grilled out on Saturday and hid eggs for the 2 grandsons to hunt.  Sunday morning the youngest pulled the chocolate rabbit out of his stash and declared it as his chocolate dragon.  Next year I’ll be making both of them chocolate dragons. (what a great idea).

Easter slowed dragon hatching, but this week I’ll be sewing dragons late into the night. And while I won’t be getting any dragons finished until the first week in April… Moons, Ryders, and Nippers are on the way.

3-23-16- Slowly moving my sewing supplies back down to the basement, it is finally warm enough to work down there, and I need to re-claim my dining room before Easter. probably no more working on dragons until next Monday.

3-22-16 –  I spent yesterday binge watching Game of Thrones season #5 – didn’t get too much done., but I was able to trace and pin  and cut out 3 purple shoulder dragons.

Scribe has sold and is on his way to his new home, he will be nesting in Texas.

I just realized Easter will be this weekend.  Egg hunt will be indoors, of course- being Michigan there is a chance of snow.

I will be cutting out  some Imps and Bumbles cut out this week.

3-19-16 –  My new printer is set up,  and I will soon figure out how to print moth and butterfly wings for the Fae dragons… Yay!

I have redone the sea Dragon pattern,gave it a longer head- arms and legs with webbed feet, wings like a sail fish spine, and a whales flukes tail, now to  cut some out next month, to be finished in the summer.

I will need to start working on DragonKinz faces soon… I have Chandra lined up to make the Harnesses in the Fall.  Must order some sculpting clay soon, then do some castings.

Etsy is redoing their sight – should be interesting.  Still thinking of trying Bear Pile- the next time I have some Drats and Drabbits to sell.

I need to start working on some quilts- as of now, I am planning on taking May off, possibly June to get them done.

Must make more dragons to compensate for the time off.  So far I have sold 17 dragons, made 23 – my Goal for this year is to make 100 Dragons!


3-16-16 – Happy birthday Chandra!

Been working on more moon and Ryder dragons, finished cutting out a Nipper for a special request….

Also “The Spring Cleaning”  bug has hit, seems so far I’ve made an even bigger mess – cleaning out all the closets, sorting and pitching/ purging.  It will be worth it when I’m done.


2-27-16 – Works in progress, 2 Luna winged reivers.
I had tried making Luna wings last year and had set them aside on a shelf. While sewing some green reivers, I looked over, saw the wings, and thought  –  “Serendipity – those will match perfectly!” Tried them and they are perfect! These should be finished soon. 

16 16c 16b 16a


2-25-16- We had a major snow storm, and I was just able to get out of the driveway today, our country road has not been cleared yet, but enough cars have gone by that I was able to follow in their tire ruts.  Made it to the post office and got Taboo shipped out to his new family.

So far this year (Jan- Feb) I have sold 13 new dragons, and still have 6 available on Etsy….19 dragons made so far.

My personal Goal is to make 100 dragons this year.


2-22-16- Finished Taboo – a Drat  (cat-dragon hybrid) yesterday, and he has found a new home already…he will be nesting with Ice-Wynd.

2-21-16 –  I discovered  there were Dragontry Dragon’s on You- Tube,  just a few so far, but very fun to watch.




2-14-16- Happy Dragon Valentine’s Day.  What a dragon buying weekend…Ice-Wynd sold yesterday, Obsidian, Rune, Shamash, Locket and Paprika have Sold today….I will ship them off next week to their forever nests. Getting 4 boxes to the post office should be interesting.

2012Dragon fabrics 3 065 (24)

I pulled out my “Dragon tears fabric the last time I was staging for dragon pics,  After seeing it again I just couldn’t put off cutting it any longer.  I had hoped to find more – but after  years of looking, it is time to make beautiful dragons with it.  With just shy of a yard I was able to get 2 Large shoulder dragons- I will be keeping one of them for myself, and the other will be in the next batch.



2-2-2016- Here it is Tuesday, The teal Percher and a Nipper are sold and on their way to Kansas.

Still working on Ivy’s coat- there was a lot more quilting to do than I had remembered, guess I will ship it out on Friday.

One of the blue Royals sold last night , Oberon will be heading off to live in the UK, Yay!

Hopefully Obsidian(the remaining blue Royal) will find his forever nest very soon.

I’m going to be doing a fabric inventory , and plan on listing many of the costume fabrics, on Etsy…we shall see if there is any interest.


1-29-16 – Today (Friday) I am finishing up a Teal Percher dragon from last October,  The original one I had made was not what she had expected, so I offered to re-do the dragon for her.  This time she has proclaimed the pics I sent her as wonderful.  I’m always happy to work to make a dragon patron fall in love with their new dragon.  I should have the teal dragon listed and ready to fly to her new home by Monday.

I also received the new fur I ordered for Ivy’s coat and will have that ready along with a late Christmas gift for Tiffany that I will finish for Monday’s shipment to Texas.

Who needs sleep on the weekends?

1-27-16- Last night I figured out how to make my own eyes to use for the larger dragons, I used clear plastic safety eyes, more secure and easier to sculpt with than the cabochons glued onto looped metal backs.

I finished and listed 2 brown striped Guardian dragons, Rune and Scribe are very handsome dragons. And both know how to perch on a shoulder and sit up on their hind legs.  I’ll need to create a sheet on how to get them to sit on hind legs.Rune9a Scribe8

1-22-16- Sold dragons, packaged and shipped- 3 to New York, and 2 to Australia.

Not sure if I’ll have any dragons finished in February, I do have a few almost ready-A Snow Dragon, a pink leopard Guardian and 2 Brown/ black stripe Guardians- Rune and Scribe.

My cutting list for February is: 4 white Drabbits, 3 sets silver Moth wings ,2 brown/ green moth bodies

My sewing list for Feb- late March is: 4 Drabbits, 3 white Moths, 3 silver moths, 1 brown moth, 1 green moth, 3 green perchers, 1 purple percher,1 Royal Moogan.

Now to order the fabrics and armatures…..


1-21-16 – 5 of the 12  Nippers have found new homes, so glad they are going over well- of course the leopards are still waiting for their forever homes…..in hindsight probably should not have made so many out of the same fabric….

Today I’ve been planning for the March batch of dragons.
Many have asked for more of the Moth dragons, so I will be hatching the Moths I have cut out.

I am looking forward to Spring … So I’ll be hatching some Moogans (cow dragons), and/or Drabbits (rabbit Dragons) too.

1-18-16 – All the Nippers are done and listed on Etsy, sadly they haven’t been snatched up….could be that it is after the Holidays. If they don’t sell, I will need to re-think listing any more dragons during the winter months.  Perhaps close up the shop until spring?

Now I need to finish Ivy’s coat and ship it out by February 1st.  With January’s usual arctic blast it has turned bitterly cold, too cold to sew in my basement sewing area, so I will be sewing in the living room for a bit.

I will also be working on a teal dragon, and finishing up some that are almost and waiting to be finished…. still not sure when I’ll list them, but having some stock done will feel good.

The taxes are started, and should be done soon, thankfully my husband is on top of the business  paperwork.

1-7-16 – Still working on finishing up the Nippers, at the stuffing stage, I hope to have some finished and listed this weekend, or Monday morning.  Working on 12 at a time is new for me- quite a large batch to hatch!


1-1-2016 -Here are my goals for January, I will need to see what I can accomplish if I put my mind to it, nose to the dragon grindstone….

A bit ambitious, but finishing all the started dragon’s and clearing my work space will feel  amazing!

Inventory fabrics and supplies- Taxes filed early
Finish Ivy’s coat -I started last January!!!!!

Finish cutting out quilt pieces for an important project- again I really want to have this finished this year!!!!
* Finish the Sew 12 Nippers I had started last year , they were planned to be finished in early December in time for the Holidays.

Finish Teal Reiver- ASAP , my last order from last year…Almost done!!!

Finish all the Dragons started last year,  a  Pink Leopard, 2 Rune Guardians, and  a Royal Snow Dragon,

I honestly think the above will finish off January , but if I give up sleeping I may get some dragon eggs cut out too!

Dragons/ creatures for 2016   – cut out and bag-

10 Drabbits
10 Drats

12 – Guardians
20 – Reivers
20 – Sprites – bee, moth,
30 – Nippers
20 Pixies
20 Gryphlyns
40 Harnesses

Design, cut out and Sew Proto types- DragonKinz -Harness dragons-  Pixie dragons, and Gryphlyns.

12-28-15 –We had a wonderful Holiday, good cheer, good food, and grandsons to play with.  I’m finally getting back to working on dragons and should have them listed early February.  I have one last order from last year to finish first.

I will not be taking any orders for 2016.  An experiment to see if  I can hatch more dragons, if I am not doing special orders.

12-1-15 – December 1st already!!! – Let’s see. the tree is up, I am busily decorating.  Having a party on Saturday.  Ivy will be here until the 7th.  I still need to do some cyber shopping, and a lot of baking….

11-22-15- Been having a fun visit with Ivy, she said she missed the snow…and now we have so…. much snow for her to enjoy, big storm hit yesterday, left us about 10 inches.   It will be back in the 50’s next week, yay !

11-15-15-  I’ve been getting ready for company and the Holidays.

Yesterday I cleaned the carpet in the basement,  I’m still organizing down there,  seems I have too much stuff.

I have  the first floor  almost clean, just the kitchen to finish.

It also looks like I will be calling a repairman for the washing machine in the morning…it’s always something.

Update – new washing machine and dryer.

Dryer will be delivered on Monday, old set hauled away, then plumber comes to switch the dryer to propane and install the dryer, Washer comes on-Wednesday. Merry X-mas to me…

Sadly , with all the Holiday “to Dos” I may not have any more time to get dragons done for Etsy until next year.

11-11-15-   Still sorting though tubs of fabrics, so many new ideas for dragons… today I will be getting the sewing room/ basement organized, even if I need to stay up all night.

11-09-15- Sold  Wraith- guardian, and Saber- Drat over the weekend, they are now awaiting their trip to the post office this afternoon.


11-3-15-  Today I’m finishing a black Guardian- “Wraith”,  The Drat and the Teal Percher orders.  I’ve been trying to organize my sewing/ sanctuary in between working on dragons.  Of course Tomorrow may be our last day to get the last of the deck stained…my goal is to have the deck, the orders and the sewing area finished by the weekend.

10-29-15 – Just put the last two purple sprite dragons on reserve, they will be heading to Australia in a few weeks.  As for the two orders I hope to have them finished and listed on Monday.  This weekend besides being Halloween – we will be working on all the leaves,  helping take a deck down + hauled away, and trying to get some housework done.  I keep forgetting how real life gets in the way of being creative.  Once I finish the two orders- and the teal one will be amazing!- I have 12 Nippers almost sewn and will begin to get them finished in time for the Holidays.

The eyes I ordered are here and I love the dark green color, I also found an eyelid set to try on the Drat.

The bright rainbow fabric arrived and it will make wonderful dragons at some point next year.

10-25-15 – Sunday, up early – again….I  am slowly working on finishing dragons, the current batch is wired, and stuffed.  Now I need to stitch the parts closed, and paint them.  Assembly and finishing will be next.  I went to add eyes to the Drat and discovered I was out of green eyes in the size I needed- ordered those and they should be here this week…sad- another delay.

10-21-15 –  Wide awake at 4am, Today I will be wiring the Drat and Percher, and hopefully will get some stuffing done in the afternoon.  This evening I will need to make Vegan Chili for a company chili cook-off/ fund raiser.  I found an amazing rainbow fabric on Ebay, I will be ordering a couple of yards of it tonight.s-l1600

10-20 -15 –Tuesday, up early today.  I was able to finish top stitching the orders and sew on the 12 Nippers.   I really need to get some more dragons going as well. I have 3  Guardians waiting for stuffing, and hopefully will get to those today or tomorrow.

I’m thinking of keeping the day to day dragontry progress in a blog,  starting today: 10-18 15 – Sunday, today is very cold, actually saw a few snow flakes on the ground….it’s Michigan so not too surprised. We walked Druid, and I will be heading to my sewing machine to work on a teal percher Dragon and a Drat. They are sewn, but need to be turned and top stitched before adding the wire and armatures.

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