Dragon Gallery – 2013

Reserved for Jo Morgan, do not purchase unless you are her - batch of four Nipper Dragons

Basket of Nippers, – white sparkle – yellow rainbow swirl and red – Pink sparkle and orange – purple and Teal

Tiyaira - Reaper Dragon - Reserved for Kelly, do not purchase unless you are her.

Tiyaria – Reaper




Gravel – Nipper

Reserved for Nora -This is Ceridwen, a Royal -Clawed Shoulder Dragon

Ceridwen – Clawed Guardian


This is Marzipan, a Ring-tailed Shoulder Dragon, Glitter Dragon, Pink Dragon

Marzipan – Ring tailed Guardian

Inferno- Fyre Dragon

Kiara- Guardian

Pixie- Ring-tailed Guardian




Twilight – Royal, stuffed wing

Hex – Royal, stuffed wing



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