Dragon Gallery – 2014

Reserved for Erin Leigh, Two nipper Dragons,Poppy and Minka, Do not purchase unless you are her.

Poppy – Nipper

Minka – kitten Nipper






Seeker – Sprite

Flicker – Sprite

Wyndy – Sprite

Meadow, a Sprite dragon

Meadow – Sprite

Copernicus – Royal Clawed , stuffed wing

Nova – Sprite

Cosmos – Nipper

Feather-Flare – Peacock- clawed

Reserved for Teresa - Do not purchase unless you are she! Sunrise & Rosie, pink Reiver dragons by Dragontry

Sunrise and Rosie – Reivers

Reserved for Jo (Flights of Fancy) - Four Nipper Hatchlings

Basket of Nippers, light blue- green/black- , white- , and purple/teal-

Foxglove – Percher

Oolong - Guardian Shoulder Dragon with added shell horns!

OOlong – Guardian

Cobalt – Royal, clawed, stuffed wing

Reserved for Suzi, do not purchase unless you are she. This is Babylon - a Guardian Shoulder dragon

Babylon – Royal, stuffed wing

Reserved for Teresa - Do not purchase unless you are she! This is Ceylon,a very beautiful brown shoulder dragon, Percher dragon, Dragontry

Ceylon – Guardian

Nexus – Guardian

Reserved for Jo - Four Nipper Hatchlings

Basket of Nippers – Arcane -Red stripe, Jynx- Black /teal. Splatt- Multi/black, Jasper – Red leopard

Limerick – Guardian- Ring tail ” There once was a dragon called Limerick.. Who thought her name, quite horrific. But she was so green and giraffe Always bringing smiles and laughs That in truth her name was terrific” “

Shimmer - Nipper Dragon Reserved for Emily, not for purchase unless you are her

Shimmer – Nipper

Morrigan – Guardian

Nimue – Royal

Shadow – Guardian

Lotus – Royal, stuffed wing


Rowan – Royal

Mimar – Nipper

Merlin – Reaper

Queen Mab – Reaper

Henna – Guardian

Mulberry and Wisteria – Nippers

This is Tannin, a Guardian Shoulder Dragon

Tannin – Guardian

Jasper – Sailfin


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