clip_image019Once upon a time … (more years ago than I’m willing to admit) Brian my handsome husband, Tiffany and Chandra my talented daughters, a few dear friends, and myself, decided to set up our tents and merchant our wares at Renaissance Faires. We sold our hand crafted creations, costumes, and jewelry.  Then one day we decided to create and sell a few dragons, and Dragontry Dragons – was hatched!

We braved Renaissance Faires, SCA events, encampments, and various Conventions extraordinaire. We survived thunder and lightning storms, one Tornado, bent poles, leaking tents, summer heat, and period costumes. We loved most of our adventures, made many friends along the way, and have many wonderful tales to share – plus a few tales to keep secret.

Currently I’m creating Shoulder Dragons – in three sizes, to sell in my Etsy Shop – Dragontry. Every dragon is still Artisan Hatched by me, from Dragontry’s patterns, hand sculpting gives each dragon its’ own personality!

I have made many dragons through the years and often wonder if they have survived and are still being enjoyed by their owners. I would love to hear about any dragon adventures you are willing to share, and if you would like to send in a picture of yourself and or your dragon to share on the website it would be wonderful and greatly appreciated.

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