Doing more than just dragons?

It has come to my attention that the market may be over saturated with dragons right now, with all the movies and Game of Thrones, there are so many other artists creating dragons. I was so surprised and amazed at how many Facebook viewers the Drat reached. Almost 10 times the usual number of views. Thank you. I’m going to make a few more of them for the fall.

Last year I was only able to make around thirty dragons, so far this year I’ve completed 14, with four more custom orders for the fall. I am hoping to get 40 dragons done this year…and it looks like I will be close. Remember my dragons are a real labor of love, made possible by the support of my loving and understanding husband and family.

In the past, I have made gryphons, faeries,unicorns, Pegasus, Drats, Sea Serpents. Oriental Dragons, and Lg, Md,& Sm Dragonflies and certainly could easily start making them again.

This summer I’m working on custom sewing projects, cutting out the fall dragon orders, and finishing up the moth and bee sprite dragons.

Next year I’m thinking about cutting back on dragons, and adding some other creations… Gryphons, unicorns, Pegasus, Drats, Sea Serpents, Oriental Dragons, and Lg, Md,& Sm Dragonflies.

What other sort of mythical creatures would you want to see? Or should I stick with just Dragons?

Thanks for any inputs, suggestions and insights,


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