This is Doubloon, a black and gold Reiver Dragon

Doubloon 3-27-15 007 Doubloon 3-27-15 004 Doubloon 3-27-15 001Actually sold Doubloon in March, sorry it has taken so long to post some pics.  March was sort of a blur, winter, family visiting and having the worst cold ever…. Thank goodness we all recovered and  it is now Spring!

I received a great review- so exciting, thought I’d share-

“She is absolutely beautiful. I want to let you know that Doubloon MIGHT make her debut on national tv Live with Kelly and Michael on May 6. She hopped a ride on my niece’s shoulder to support Mr .Donn Harrison for best teacher in the country. He is in the top 4. The school mascot is a black & gold dragon.  “

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