A Trio of Nippers, Teal, Black and Rainbow….a sure sign of Spring

Reivers and Nippers 5-3-2015 024

Names pending

Reivers and Nippers 5-3-2015 022

I love the rainbow swirl dragons

Reivers and Nippers 5-3-2015 020

Red eyes

Reivers and Nippers 5-3-2015 021


Nippers have a bead and wire armature and the legs and arms are wired. Only the legs are button jointed, the arms are sewn in place. Approximate measurements are: The body is 20 inches measured from the nose, over the head and along the back to the tail tip. Standing height is 6 inches, and 7 inch for the the wing span.

Nipper Dragons can stand, but still have their baby fat and prefer to be carried, and loved.

( Please, not for small children-small parts may pose a choking hazard! )

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