Athena – a beautiful Blue, Silver, and Black Reiver Dragon

Reivers and Nippers 5-3-2015 014

I used a blue with metallic fabric for the body, silver fabric for the under colors, and a  black lycra velvet fabric for the spine and inner ear.

Reivers and Nippers 5-3-2015 017

This dragon has blue shell horns and blue fox fur to match it’s bright blue eyes.

Reivers and Nippers 5-3-2015 013 Reivers and Nippers 5-3-2015 012 Reivers and Nippers 5-3-2015 011

This is Athena – a blue, silver and black Reiver Dragon.  Artisan hatched. The body fabric is a blue swirl with metallic blue lycra velvet, I matched it with a silver lycra fabric for the under colors. And a black lycra velvet fabric for the spine and inner ears. With a blue fox fur mane, blue shell horns, deep blue eyes, and royal blue texture paint was used for the face nubs and claws. This dragon is a real head turner.
The Reiver is Dragontry’s smallest Shoulder Dragon and can sit upon your shoulder while you go about your travels. The feet should be slightly cupped to fit upon your shoulder, drape the tail down your back and up and over to your opposite shoulder for balance.

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