Dragoncon 2014 –

We had a grand adventure, sold/ re-homed some dragons, and made new friends!

Costume I wore for Dragoncon 2014

Costume for Dragoncon 2014

Atlanta was very hot and humid, so I only wore this Victorian gown and hat for part of one day, but it was fun.

Myself at the creature creation panel!

Myself at the creature creation panel!








The Dragon Huntress – Explaining how to sculpt a dragon head.

Nefaerieous Deeds, AKA Tiffany Crosby - Creature Creation Panel

Nefaerieous Deeds, AKA Tiffany Crosby – Creature Creation Panel










Tiffany explaining how to make a working ventriloquist  puppet.


Some thoughts about Dragoncon

1.Most buyers at Dragoncon wanted a small shoulder dragon under $45.00 and palm sized.

2. Smaller shoulder dragons might sell better. If they can be made cost and time effectively.

3.An artist next to us suggested incorporating clay features – horns, claws, might be a way to make them more cost effective?

4. I like the idea of decorating the dragons with crystals and jewels.

5. If ever doing a far away show, design a better display. That can be easily transported via airplane.  Breakdown shelving/ display tree?

6. I need to figure out how to make harnesses with Velcro for the guardian and Royal shoulder dragons. It would need a shoulder pad that pinned or tied on.

7. I’d like to design a gauntlet dragon or gryphon to ride on the forearm.
With cords/straps to tie onto the arm.

8. I’d like to design, make, and decorate Falcon type hoods for dragons

9. Wear more comfortable shoes!

10. Pink dragons do not sell well at Dragoncon.

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