Going to be a busy fall…I won’t miss saying goodbye to this year

Life has certainly thrown me some curve balls this year- I will be glad when 2014 is over. Two major heath scares with my husband – and my brother passed away.

Needless to say, dragon making has gone very slowly, and I may take several months off next year- just to have some fun.

Below is a list of dragons I plan on working on,   *= finished

Dragons  for September –  October (all of these are spoken for)

*White sparkly Nipper Dragon- boa mane

*Purple and teal Nipper Dragon- boa mane

*Lime and black Nipper Dragon – boa mane

Pink Reiver dragons
1st -Shocking pink glitter leopard fabric , hot pink belly and under wings -black fur mane & black texture paint.

2nd -Pink (not glitter) shades of pink and magenta / teal mane, teal eyes.(name Sunrise)

Gold Nipper Dragon –

Purple sprite

Clone of Splatter Nipper Dragon- feather boa

Special request – black Nipper with teal mane, eyes and nubs

Purple and orange tie dye Nipper Dragon -purple faux mane, nose ring, leather lead

Leopard Nipper Dragon-nose ring, leather lead, feather boa

Red and Green Jester/ Harlequin Nipper Dragon -(named Magick)Red, green and purple, sides to opposite- multi color feather mane. Two different colors of eyes, nose ring, leather lead.

A very special Christmas dragon – (spoken for)

For Christmas (basically I will need to have them finished and listed in November – before Thanksgiving! – Early December at the latest to make the mailing deadline!!!

*Purple Percher dragon


( I will try to have these available for the Holiday sales, but can’t promise)

I am going to try and finish the Sprites I have left for the Holidays, if not then they will be out in Late January in time for Valentine’s Day.

(After Christmas)

I’ll be taking a break- sort of, cutting out next years eggs to hatch, working on inventory and taxes, and hopefully get some much needed rest.

I am going to try to make a special request Bengal cat dragon.


Special request( Name Puff) (Water Dragon) –  a Royal Clawed Dragon, blue/green/teal sea dragon  fabric with Royal Blue , for the under wings and belly.  teal fox fur, with teal eyes. Fur mane- teal,  with shell horns and claws.


Reiver dragon- adapted from a drawing sent to me, should be fun.

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