Prices for 2014

As of March 1st – 2014 – Price increases.  I know everyone hates rising prices, just as much as I do – But sadly, after considering the increases in cost of materials, the fees charged by ETSY and PayPal  I have found it necessary to increase the cost of my dragons.

As for the Nipper Dragons, I work on them in between the larger dragons, and I usually work on them  in batches- if there is a particular color combination let me know and I will contact you when one becomes available.

 Prices may be adjusted to reflect added features, time involved,  and cost of materials.


Royal Clawed Percher Shoulder Dragon – $295.00- $325.00

Guardian Shoulder Dragon -$265.00 -$285.00

 Reiver – Shoulder Dragon – $145.00 -$165.00

 Nipper – Baby Dragon- $70.00



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