Time for Inventory, Taxes. and cutting out the 2018 Dragons

After this week”s Etsy listing (Friday- 6th) I’ll  be taking off until  April 15th,  to work on Dragontry’s taxes.

While I’m finishing up the fabric inventory, I will be pulling fabrics out to use for this year’s dragons. It doesn’t hurt to see what I’ve tucked away and forgotten about. Lol.

This year I plan on some new designs –   Asian, and Maple-leaf winged Dragons. I also will be making smaller versions of the Sea Dragon and the Drat.                   A young Sea Dragon is a Sea Nymph.  A young Drat is a Fury- AKA – Drittens – I had thought about calling them Drittens, but thought  Furies would fit them better.

I’ll also be cutting out and hatching more Drats, Shoulder dragons,and hopefully a few gryphons.

I will be exploring having the wings for the Luna Moth Reivers printed on fabric.  Of course, I will need to watercolor paint the wings, get them into a printable form and see how they turn out first. It may take a few tries to get them just right.  If it works I can have more detailed wings, and eventually branch out to butterfly and fantasy wings for dragons as well.

I’m planning on the next batch of shoulder dragons to be hatched and listed  in late June.  Wish me luck!


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