So much to do…so little time…

Ok, I’m finally back to working on Dragontry,

I’ve been  stuffing, sculpting and painting the next batch of dragons – 4 Reivers, 3 guardians, a Percher, and a Royal.

I’ve started the Fall orders – a tiger Drat, a teal Percher, and a special Reiver. The first two I have confirmed are still wanted. The Reiver may be an orphan, and will stay waiting in her egg until I can confirm she is still wanted.

I’ve started the 12 Holiday nippers that will be done in late November.
5 leopards
3 blacks
1 green/ black
1 red/ black
1 gold
1 silver

Wish me luck and fewer distractions!  Although I think a cider mill is calling me…

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