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How to wear a shoulder Dragon

How to wear a Pixie Dragon


Pixie Dragons can ride on your shoulder.

I use a ball and socket armature for the Pixies. Moving the legs to a back position allows the Pixie to belly-rest on the shoulder with their tails positioned around the neck and up to the front for balance. You can position the arms and legs; just don’t spin them around in one direction, since that would tighten the internal thread to the point of breakage.

The wire in a dragon should bend pretty well, you just don’t want to bend it back and forth repeatedly, as for the armature the manufacturers  say it can bend up to 28 degrees.  I bent the armature as much as I could before it would snap apart, and took the pic below.  It is very sturdy and you will feel resistance when it has reached the bending limit.

How to wear a Dragontry Shoulder dragon…

Dragon staged on a dummy

A Dragontry Shoulder-dragon can sit upon your shoulder while you go about your adventures.

The Dragon’s feet should be slightly cupped to fit the width of your shoulder, drape the tail down your back and up and over to your opposite shoulder for balance.

Shoulder dragons

I thought I’d post some of the pictures my Lovely, and amazing dragon owners have shared to Dragontry.  Thank you all for the wonderful pictures.

Shenanigan and Hades with their owners at Motor City Comic Con

Kalith and owner heading out for an adventure

Royal Dragon Shenanigan and her favorite Pirate.

Linda and Nyx enjoying a summer day in Sweden

Kalidor and Tundra in their new home in the UK

Halloween is near

I am still on track to have 13 dragons finished before October first! Then on to cutting out the Holiday dragons.  I just finished all the top-stitching and sewing the heads…so many parts! There will definitely be fewer dragons for the Holidays.