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Halloween is coming! Update

Update- I spent the weekend cutting out 25 dragons for Halloween.  Honestly I don’t think I’ll get that many sewn/ hatched in September, but I will try and finish as many as possible.  I will list any or all on October 1st.   In October I will start the Holiday and Fall dragons. 

Halloween Nipper Dragons from long, long time ago… Yes, I made them little hats!

PS:  I have redone the Nipper Pattern, and will start cutting them out for 2020.  I gave them bigger dragon wings, changed the arms, increased the tail length, and plan on using ball and socket armature.

Sparkle – a Fae Pixie Dragon – Adopted


Sparkle’s body is made from a white, with small holographic scales Lycra velvet fabric. I used a holographic lycra fabric for her belly and under ears, and a white velvet for her under wings.

Next hatching is finally finished!

This is Wicked

Wicked has been adopted and will be heading off to her new nest soon.

This is Marsala

Wicked – Guardian Dragon

Marsala standing


Astral – hand crafted eyes

Astral – Rainbow Reiver Dragon

Astral has been adopted and will be on her way to her new nest soon.


Ginseng has been adopted and will be on her way to her new nest soon.

Ginseng – Pixie Dragon

Mimosa – Pixie Dragon


Maya- Blue Pixie Dragon


I was able to finish 6 dragons Friday-Sunday.  I have got to work quicker!    

3 pixies, 1 Reiver and 2 Guardians

Thank you to all my patrons,  3 dragons have found their new homes on their first day of listing!

Hemlock – Adopted, and will be nesting in Australia

Hemlock’s fox fur and leather lead were replaced with faux fur and cotton cording, per request, he looks fabulous!

Malbec – Pixie Dragon – Adopted

Malbec will be heading to Texas very soon, say hi if you see her!  This is Malbec – (named for the wine), she is a Burgundy Pixie Dragon

Pixie dragons are very fast, and are often trained and ridden by the Fae. The 4 winged Pixie dragons are highly prized for their speed and agility.