Monthly Archives: August 2019

Next hatching is finally finished!

I was able to finish 6 dragons Friday-Sunday.  I have got to work quicker!    I have 2 more listings to write up, then will list them around noon tomorrow.

3 pixies, 1 Reiver and 2 Guardians

Hemlock will be nesting in Australia

Hemlock’s fox fur and leather lead were replaced with faux fur and cotton cording, per request, he looks fabulous!

Malbec – Pixie Dragon – Adopted

Malbec will be heading to Texas very soon, say hi if you see her!  This is Malbec – (named for the wine), she is a Burgundy Pixie Dragon

Pixie dragons are very fast, and are often trained and ridden by the Fae. The 4 winged Pixie dragons are highly prized for their speed and agility.