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Topaz- Percher Shoulder Dragon- Sold

This is Topaz a Percher Shoulder Dragon, has sold and will be nesting in Canada!

Topaz was created from an amazing blue, gray to black variegated lycra velvet, with teal metallic pattern fabric for the body, I matched it with a solid teal metallic shimmer Lycra fabric for her belly, under wings, back spine points, spiral wrapped horns, and inner ears.

Topaz has a black fox fur mane, and beautiful teal eyes.

I used teal texture paint for her claws and face nubs. Topaz has a nose ring, leather lead, bell and wooden name tag.

Topaz has a full body length ball and socket armature spine and is approximately 45 inches long – measured from her nose ring, over the head, along her back, to the tail tip.
Topaz’s wired wings have a span that can be adjusted up to 20 inches.

The arms and legs are attached with covered button joints, and are fully wired, Topaz may be posed with care.

Sangria is finished and looking for his new nest.

double set of wings

Black and red feather boa mane

Olive green eyes

This is Sangria- a red and black Pixie Dragon – 2 sets of wings = 4 wings. He was just hatched and is ready to find his new home, preferably one with red wine and citrus fruits.

Pixie dragons are very fast, and are often ridden by the Fae. The 4 winged Pixie dragons are highly prized for their speed and agility.

Sangria’s body, belly, and outer wings are made from a red lycra velvet, matched with a black Lycra velvet for his inner wings and ears. He has olive green eyes, and I used a black texture paint for his face nubs and claws, and a black/red feather boa for his mane. comes with a name tag and bell.

Eclipse = Moon Shadow Dragons

I can’t believe it is August already!  I’ve gotten so many new dragons cut out in July.  Time to start sewing for the late August early September hatching.

This morning I had a great idea, and  I cut out 4 all black – Eclipse Moon Shadow Dragons, in honor of the upcoming eclipse.  I’ll start sewing them this Monday, and will try to have them finished ASAP.  Probably not enough time to sew them and ship them before the “Big Event”, but they can watch the eclipse with me.  “Eclipse” Moon Shadow Dragons – will be black- with yellow manes.

I’ll post pictures when they are hatched.