Monthly Archives: November 2016

Enjoy your Holidays!

This Fall has certainly been an interesting time,
First let me say Druid is recovering from his cancer surgery and is doing well on his chemo. I’ve also recovered from bronchitis, and last week-end we had a tree fall on the garage and roof, now we are dealing with the contractors and insurance.

I think the Fates, or powers that be, are telling me it’s time to slow down a bit.

I was able to finish the 3 dragons that are heading to the UK. Sadly I am not sure I will get any more dragons finished until after Christmas. If I do I will certainly get them listed.
I will still be working on them when I can.

Enjoy your Holidays!

Tinker and Alchemy have found new homes


Alchemy- Ryder Dragon

Ryder dragons can sit upon your shoulder while you go about your adventures. The feet should be slightly cupped to fit upon your shoulder, drape the tail down your back and up and over to your opposite shoulder for balance.


Night-Sprites – Tinker and Tinder

Alchemy and Tinker have been releaded from reserve I will list them for sale.

Night-Sprites have been specially hatched to be more magical, they love glitter, and all that glitters!  Most have faerie wings, a few take after a more distant dragon ancestor and have dragon wings.  They are attracted to sparkly things, especially white blossoms in moonlight.

They can be seen gathering nectar from night blooming flowers , although a few have mistaken Night-sprites for  large moths or bats ….never fear they do not bite…too much.


Seasonal Music on, working on finishing up dragons.  Today the three for overseas will be finished.  Tomorrow and Wednesday I will get as many reserved dragons finished as possible.  I will be sending out pics and emails as they are ready.



Storm Dragons

Last Saturday, after a beautiful and record warm day ( in the 70’s) , a cold front moved in brought an amazing thunder and lightning storm.  Which I usually love to watch! Not so much when lightning hit a huge tree near the house, sending the tree to hit the roof, and end up resting on the power lines.

Pretty scary, but it could have been much worse, I like to think a storm dragon was helping to keep us safe, just wish he had said hello, and gotten the trunk to the ground before leaving.

We still had power, and the tree didn’t go through the roof, Roof over the garage had  the eve smashed,  and a lot of siding will need to be replaced.



Dragons should be done in the following weeks

Certainly has taken longer than I had expected, I manged to get bronchitis right after Halloween, after 2 weeks I finally went and got antibiotics! I am feeling so much better.

My plan is to have all the dragons in this batch finished by next Friday, and listed Monday or Tuesday.  What ever dragons aren’t ready before Thanksgiving will need to wait until January to be listed.

I’ve also been spending more time with Druid, his surgeon is pleased with the progress,  no new cancer growths, and all the blood work was great.  Right now he is my Velcro baby and I wouldn’t have it any other way.