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Scottish Sea Dragon – Badenoch, work in process

I spent today assembling and sculpting the Sea Dragon.  It is a new Pattern, the first one always takes more time. I spent about 10 hours on it today, but got all the hand sewing, stuffing, plus the face nubs and claws painted.

Tomorrow I will work on assembling the other dragons, then finish the Sea Dragon Thursday after the paint dries.

I like the new face, I gave it a much longer snout, new Water-wings, extra fins, new Asian style horns and a fluke tail. Now I will need to decide on the type of mane, either fur or feathers? I tried on some of the manes on him,  I like the black fox best.

Sea Dragon Sketch 2016

Original sketch



legs and arms painted



fluke tail


back fins



Waiting for face nubs


Painted, waiting for a mane

How do I add Horns to the Dragons? Very carefully- they can bite!


Reiver Dragon Horns,  the shell horns are hand tied. glued and painted in place. First I use a needle and run button thread where the horn will go, leaving two untied ends- like tailor tacks. Then I use a needle threader to thread the shell bead  with the outer loose threads- pulling the thread though the bead, and knotting the horn loosely in place. Clipping threads close to the knots.


I carefully add a bit of clear glue to the underside of the horn, (Fabri-tac is the best), and set the horn in place. While it is drying I keep it in place with crossed pins. They will easily come out if twisted before pulling.


Don’t worry it is mostly painless for the dragons!


Although I do gets some impatient looks from the dragons.


I add texture paint to the bottom of the horn – it hides the thread and holes and helps to secure the horn in place.


Finished face!

8-1-16 – Work in progress pics


Trying some new style safety eyes, I really like and plan on ordering more.


I use a lot of pins top-stitching the wings


Sewn and top-stitched


Wired and armatures in place, waiting for stuffing


August 1st- Dragons are coming soon!

Yikes, Where has the Summer gone?  Last week life kept me so busy with non-dragon fun.  Family time is important too.

Monday morning wide awake at 5am, and Coffee is my friend. I’ve set the Etsy Shop off of vacation mode and relisted Grog.

I’ll be working on dragons all this week, and since it is such a large batch of 25+, I will list them in groups or orders as the dragons are ready.

Taking a bit longer than I had expected, ( usually does – I needed to order more bells). This weekend I should get all the dragons photographed , listings written, and up for sale in the Etsy shop starting on Sunday and into Monday.  Yay!