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September – December Dragons

Last Dragons this year! September – December Dragons

(I’m currently sewing dragons)

While I can’t promise to have a dragon done in time for gift giving, I will do my best to get as many of these done before  the Holidays, (December 15th)

4 Two-Headed Nippers @ $125. -(all 4 have been reserved)

       1 white & 1 black Reserved for Linda,         

       1 white Reserved for Miranda -(add nose rings)

       1 black Reserved for Barbara

1 Bumble dragons @ $90.  Wings printed on Transparency  sheets)

1 Bumble Reserved for Ashleigh

 Moon Dragon @ $90

1 White Moon- Reserved for Laura Boldt

1 Butterfly Dragons – @ $90. (Wings printed on Transparency sheet)

1 black/blue, blue wing butterfly Reserved for Haley


2 Pixie Dragons – ( single set wings) @ $80. ( double set wings) @ $90.

1 blue double wings –  Reserved for Linda

1 blue single wings –  Reserved for Kelly


2 Night Sprite Dragons @ $90. (Wings printed on Transparency sheets) These dragons do not have nose rings unless requested.

1 Black glitter/ black – Tinder Sold  – Manjula

1 black-  bronze glitter/ black – Tinker


 Shoulder Dragons – These dragons may have nose rings unless requested not too.

1 Percher Dragon -Moogan – (cow print) @ $225. Reserved for Linda

1 Ryder Dragon – Silver matched with black @ $265.

1 Ryder Dragon – Black with a splatter of colors matched with royal blue @ $265

1 Ryder Dragon – Black /gold shimmer- black @ $265.

1 Ryder Dragon – Royal blue matched with grey/ blue metallic pattern – $265

100 Dragon Goal update-

So far this year I have sold 51 dragons and have 2 still listed on Etsy…Wow, I’ve made 53 dragons this year!

I have 4 almost finished Ryder dragons, and 1 moogan- which when finished will up the count to 58.  The next batches are all smaller dragons that add up to 42, if I get them all finished I will make 100 by the End of December!

I’ll spend this week cutting them all out!

I am coming to the realization that I may not get all the dragons finished in time for the holidays this year, but fingers crossed!

I still have one batch to go ….but I have so many non dragon projects on hold they may need to take precedence.

Fyre- Royal Clawed Dragon

IMG_6057 IMG_6059 IMG_6063 IMG_6065 20160821_125734

Odin – Royal Clawed Dragon

20160821_124826 IMG_6056 20160821_124728 IMG_6053 - Copy IMG_6054 - Copy IMG_6049 - CopyOdin is made from a black – red shimmer Lycra velvet fabric, with a black velvet Lycra for the under colors. I choose special red Iris eyes for him, a black fox fur mane, a shell nose horn and black texture paint for his face nubs.

Dragons to package up

August batch is finished, most have sold previously , the 5 dragons I just finished have all sold and now I will be getting them ready for their journeys.  lugging 5 boxes at once can be difficult so I will be making a couple of trips.

Next week I’ll be getting my sewing room in a more organized state, and move back into it (I took over the living room for this batch to be closer to my computer).

I am coming to the realization that I may not get 100 dragons finished this year, but fingers crossed!   So far I’m up to 53, which is more than last years 40 dragons and I still have one batch to go….but I have so many non dragon projects on hold they may need to take precedence.

August Dragons


Started early May, finished and Listed in August

The next batch will be finished “hopefully” early August. I went ahead and added the prices in case anyone wanted to reserve one, shipping will vary on destination.

Royals – 3

1 Royal – Odin- in a black with a red shimmer – Sold


1 Royal – Fyre -in a rust tie dye, and rust/ copper – Sold


1 Royal , Lachlan in a blue/ green tie dye  – Sold


(The Royals are clawed)


Sea Dragon -1, Badenoch, a  proto type, -Sold


Shoulder dragons – 1

1 dark purple/ amethyst – Shoulder Dragon with bat wing design – Lilith – Sold


1 Peacock/  – Guardian $265 – Sibyl – Reserved for Manjula – no nose ring


Ryder dragon- 1

Lavender and red tie dye  matched with  red – Ryder – Orchid –Sold



 Nippers – 7



1 Black Nipper – Pox – Sold

1 Teal Nipper – $80. – Capri


1 burgundy Nipper -$80 – Peony


1 sky blue Nipper – $80 – Spirit


1 silver  Nipper-   Nimbus – Sold


1 Moogan Nipper – Oreo – Sold


1 leopard Nipper- Bandit  – Sold


Reivers – 5

1 green tie dye Reiver – Jayde -SoldIMG_5946

1 burgundy Reiver – Gypsy -$165.IMG_5976

1 black Reiver “Sariel” AKA Sarry – Sold


1 teal Reiver- Siren – $195. – Reserved for Taryn


1 red Reiver – Harkin –  Sold









Sibyl- Oracle Dragon


Love her green eyes


Sibyl can stand with care




Sibyl is a very beautiful Guardian Dragon

I love her Peacock patterned fabric,  Sibyls were considered Oracles in Ancient Greece.

Dragon Shipping

Mostly to save time I am succumbing to Etsy’s Lures, and I will be letting them calculate the shipping, print the labels and pre-paid shipping.They have contracted for a bulk rate which should save on shipping.

Then it will be dropping packages off once a week at the Post Office (in theory), I can arrange  pick up too.

For International Shipping, using Priority Mail International shipping, insured with tracking…is the only way I will ship internationally.  I tend to worry and obsess about dragons getting lost in the mail.

It will probably mean fewer sales, but it will be a lot less stressful for me as the seller and for the buyers.


Fyre – Copper Royal Dragon

Today I will be finishing Fyre, a Royal Dragon, with shell claws and horns.      Fyre is only his working name.20160817_101715


horns are on, I will assemble and finish him in the morning.

I love the way the body fabric sculpts, and the matching fabric with metallic copper veining used for the under wings is amazing.


Ready for the face horns to be tied, glued and pinned in place-

Orchid – Ryder Dragon

20160817_124309Finishing up the Red and Lavender tie dye dragon today, all I have left to do is assembling, button covers, name tag, adding her lavender ostrich mane.  It was hard to come up with a name, but I finally choose Orchid for her.