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Past Dragons…..?

Dragons – currently retired, but I’m thinking of bringing a few back

Royal -bigger
Regal – biggest

Drake- Wyvern

Emperor -sewn on crystals
Empress – sewn on crystals

Sea nymphs -pollywogs – Sold in a painted plastic egg

Dragon flyers – 15″, 24″, 36″, & 48″ -Clip on dragons

Quetzalcoatl- feathered dragon

Pegasus – 18″s

Dragon wings wearable

Baby – tiny wings
Baby -larger wings
Kitten dragons- kitty ears

Wyvy- wyvern finger dragon

Whippersnapper – small shoulder dragon

Corgi Baby dragon – designed to look like a corgi

Juvenile dragon – larger wings
Juvenile  delinquents – All black with chains – these were fun
Butterfly dragons – nylon wings

Chimera – lion body, goat lion heads, with a snake head on the tail – only three were made

Royal gryphon
Baby gryphons -Gryffs

Pox –