Monthly Archives: May 2016

Memorial Day Weekend

First sunburn and mosquito bites and poison Ivy of the summer….a lot of yard work – but some fun was had, now I’ll be recovering inside working on dragons….


Sold 2 more Nipper dragons on Etsy.  There are 3 dragons left in the Etsy shop- I may have to work faster.

I still have a blue Royal dragon to cut out for the next batch, I also cut out a few Sea dragons – it will be awesome to finally have them finished.

The Moogan dragon is sewn/ top stitched and ready for wiring.

I plan on sewing the reivers and Nippers next, their parts are all pinned.  It will give me dragons to work on in between getting the Royal’s claws in place, and waiting for their paint to set.

I’ve purchased a vintage fox collar to re-purpose for a few dragon manes.

I’ve been working on making more dragon eyes… having a lot of creative fun.

And I have found and purchased some amazing new fabrics for future dragons.

I’ll be taking the holiday weekend off, but them it’s nose back to the dragon-stone!


I joined Deviantart site this morning, mostly because I found someone else using “Dragontry” on it, although they are registered under a different title.  I know it’s just a name/word and there are so many using Dragon-try , but it really bothers me when they use “Dragontry”.  I’ve  registered Dragontry as my DBA, and have owned for over 20 years, and I also have .org and .biz parked.  So no excuse for not checking.