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Mezzanotte (Midnight in Italian)

IMG_5745 IMG_5740 IMG_5743Mezzanotte is a Nipper Dragon with custom glass eyes,  bought and shipped to me by the dragon  purchaser.

I am thinking of using glass eyes for a few of the largest dragons, it would be more work- getting the eyes set into a head requires washers and wire or cotter pins,  but the effect is amazing. (these are an artist’s custom printed eyes and are lovely)

While I do know how to make similar eyes, printing eyes that are  glued onto the back of a glass cabochon, then set into a bezel backing with a loop on the back…. but it would add  to the final cost.   Buying them from Etsy would save me time, but still add $20 to the cost of a dragon…I’m leaning towards just buying them for special dragons.

Latest batch of Moon , Night Sprites











  The Moon Dragons have found homes, and will be shipped out ASAP.  I’ll have the Ryder Dragons finished and ready to list on Monday, – two – the purple and the grey have already been reserved.

I’ll be finishing this batch hopefully in next week.

dragon batch3 Moons, 2 Silver Moons , 1 purple Guardians, 5 Ryders – teal, grey, black, rainbow, black/white swirl and 1 black/blue Nipper.

New Etsy Banner

Etsy banner 2016

Etsy decreed it was time to revamp the Esty store…spent 3 hours this morning creating and adding a new banner…. now back to sewing.