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Moon-Wing has found her forever home.


Moon-Wing has a green tie-dye body


Moon-Wynd has an all green body


These are the safety eyes I made. Time consuming, but they look amazing.


Luna moth wings, these were sewn and then hand stained, double sided. They didn’t work for the moon-dragons and were set aside, but they work great for the Reivers.

IMG_5691 IMG_5690 IMG_5685 IMG_5678

I had tried making Luna wings last year and had set them aside on a shelf.          While sewing some green reivers, I looked over, saw the wings, and – serendipity! The Luna-Reivers were hatched!  I have had an amazing response to these and will plan on making a few more, possibly more butterfly designs as well.

Sold -Taboo the Drat

IMG_5659 IMG_5663 IMG_5660 IMG_5667This is Taboo, a Tiger -Drat – cat dragon hybrid. What a magical creature!

His body is made from a soft tiger fur, and I used a soft black Minky fabric for the belly, outer ears, horns and back spine points.

I used a matching tiger striped fabric for the inner wings, inner ears, and paw pads.

I hand crafted the yellow eyes, and since the fur was so fluffy I seated the eyes in black eyelids.

This drat has dragon ears, with white ear spots, and a black fox mane. I also added some whiskers.

Taboo is fluffy and soft to touch, and just to keep smaller creatures safe I gave him a collar and bell.

Sold – Paprika- Nipper Dragon

IMG_5456 IMG_5454What a perfect dragon to buy for Valentine’s Day!

Sold – Oberon and Obsidian

Oberon (blue mane) sold last week and is nesting with his new human in the UK.  Obsidian (black mane) sold on Valentine’s day, and will be heading to Canada, and his forever nest.Gold nippers, gold reiver , black reiver, 2 Royals 048 Gold nippers, gold reiver , black reiver, 2 Royals 053 Gold nippers, gold reiver , black reiver, 2 Royals 044


Sold – Ice-Wynd – a Snow Dragon


Ice-Wynd, knows how to sit up on her hind legs…, and check out her snow-ball tail…


I used Pale pink eyes, and a white Ostrich boa


I like the larger ears….


For the Snow dragon Pattern, I pulled my favorites looks form dragons past, The slim body of a Guardian, the Wings of a Royal, the longer back spine points of a Drake, and the larger ears of a retired Royal Percher. I almost went with a white fur mane but it was not white enough, tried the white boa and Ice-Wynd was perfect.