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Pansy and Violet will be nesting in Australia, they arrived safely and are well loved!!

Dragontry 8-26-15, Reds and Sprites 034

Pansy – Sprite Dragon

Dragontry 8-26-15, Reds and Sprites 047


Happy Dragons owners, certainly made my day!

“Hello Sherry,
We just wanted to let you know that Pansy & Violet have arrived safe and sound, with no sign of being tired after their long flight!
They are absolutely gorgeous, so much brighter, purpler and pinker in person! Their individual personalities really do shine through and we couldn’t be happier. We consider ourselves so lucky to have been able to offer them a home!
Hope you have a magical day, thank you once again!
Matthew & Linda”

Wraith- a Black / Purple Guardian Shoulder Dragon

Wraith, and Saber  11-7-15 001

I used a purple – zebra fabric for the under wings, he is certainly eye catching

Drat, percher and Guardian 11-5-15 024

The purple eyes are great, the sculpting of the head came out perfect, Wraith is amazing.

Wraith sold so quickly, I will plan on making more black dragons next year.

Tiger Drat, Saber is on the way to his new home, in Massachusetts.

Wraith, and Saber  11-7-15 016

Saber, the Tiger Drat, I love the colors.

Wraith, and Saber  11-7-15 017

I used a eyelid for the dark green eyes. It really helps them show up against the fluffy fur.

Saber is the 2nd Drat, I have made, this fur was a lot harder to work with since it was so much fluffier.  He is very soft.  He was a special order, but I am thinking of making a few more Drats next year.  I actually liked the tiger Drat so much I have started one for myself…perhaps it should be called a Drager?