Monthly Archives: October 2015

Sold – Blue Reivers Woad and Warrior are finished and listed on Etsy

Blue Reivers 10-3-15 007


Blue Reivers 10-3-15 010

Woad – a Blue and Silver Reiver Dragon

Blue Reivers 10-3-15 015


Blue Reivers 10-3-15 024

Dark amber eyes

Blue Reivers 10-3-15 021 I named this one Warrior because he is such a fighter, I needed to replace his original light blue eyes since one was scratched. (Not sure of when or how, my guess is he got into a fight with his brother Woad)  Getting the old ones out was quite the battle, let’s just say it wasn’t pretty.  But the darker eyes I decided to go with, certainly give him a fierce look. -” Don’t mess with this dragon!”

Warrior has sold, and will be heading to California soon.

Woad has sold and will be nesting in Malta soon.