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July went by way too fast

I took time off in July to enjoy family time, and get some much needed rest.

In July I’ve…

traveled up North for a fabulous wedding.




…Stopped off at Frankenmuth, and Bronner’s (Christmas wonderland) on the way back home.


…been sewing as many dragons as I can in the evenings, Working on moth Dragons and experimenting  with staining their wings.

20150720_120458 20150721_100959




…yet again, moved my sewing area…this time I’ve moved all the sewing supplies that were upstairs to the living room, at least until it is time to start decorating for the Holidays.  I still have my office,  art desk and painting supplies upstairs (better light).

…finished the design for a smaller shoulder Pixie dragon, I still need to work on the harness / sash that the dragons will need to ride on a child’s shoulder, prototype should be done after the Fall orders, if it works I should have these going early next January.

…been working on a  design for a new baby gryphon, still need to come up with a good name…Gryphlyns, Gryphlets, or Fledglings ?

…gone to the Ann Arbor Art Faire- twice, walked over 10 miles and still only saw half of it.







…Went to the Henry Ford museum/village and had tea at Cotswold cottage20150801_132356

cotswald pic

Over all I had a great July, alas it is now time to get back to work….




Time off…..

phone pics 4-29-2014 057Just put my Etsy store on Vacation until August.
Family time, cutting out orders, sewing, and training the flying monkeys