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Godiva, a beautiful brown dragon

Delphi, Godiva, Spark, Iris, Styx, Onyx 038

Godiva, I kept craving chocolates while finishing her…

Delphi, Godiva, Spark, Iris, Styx, Onyx 035This is Godiva, … She is a very beautiful chocolate brown dragon, with her very fluffy caramel color Ostrich boa Mane, she reminds me of chocolates with caramel centers.
I used a dark brown Lycra velvet with a black snake print for her body – matching it with a brown and black snake print Lycra velvet for her inner ears, under wings, and belly. Her spiral wrapped horns and back spine points are a brown lycra velvet fabric..

Godiva has a lovely face, with big brown eyes. I used a copper texture paint for the face nubs and claws.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I woke up to this wonderful message from Teresa.  Thank you Teresa for making me smile!

I do so love when a person finds their perfect dragon match.  Teresa has been looking for her “Puff for a very long time, I feel so blessed to have helped her find her dragon.

Delphi, Godiva, Spark, Iris, Styx, Onyx 042

Puff…aka Delphi

“Hi Sherry!

Delphi just arrived safely! Oh, what a beautiful girl!! She is everything my “PUFF THE MAGIC DRAGON” is supposed to be. She truly is in every way, my PUFF. I am soooo very happy to have my childhood dragon back in my arms. Thank you so much for reuniting me with Puff. I can not believe how perfect she is, you got her spot-on-perfect, and she wasn’t even a custom-made dragon. Wow, she is IT!!! Absolutely, totally perfect. Everything about her is breathtaking. Thank you so much for making my every dream come true. LUV YOUR DRAGONS!!!!
Teresa “Delphi, Godiva, Spark, Iris, Styx, Onyx 044 Delphi, Godiva, Spark, Iris, Styx, Onyx 048

Spark, Nipper Dragon, has made it to “Cuba”, Missouri

Delphi, Godiva, Spark, Iris, Styx, Onyx 015

Spark- Nipper Dragon


Checking out a train, quite the adventure…


Styx- a Reiver Dragon – will be nesting in the UK


Styx’s arrived safely at his new home in Faversham ,UK today.

Delphi, Godiva, Spark, Iris, Styx, Onyx 026

Delphi, Godiva, Spark, Iris, Styx, Onyx 029

His body fabric is a shimmery black lycra velvet, I matched it with a black lycra velvet fabric for his under colors, with a black fox fur mane.  Styx is very mysterious dragon.

Iris, a Purple Sprite, headed off to the UK!

Delphi, Godiva, Spark, Iris, Styx, Onyx 004

Iris is a beautiful sparkly Sprite dragon, with Fae wings, and faux fur.

Delphi, Godiva, Spark, Iris, Styx, Onyx 002

New Sprite design, with a pom-pom tail!

Hatched for Janice.

This is Iris, a sprite dragon, all very purple, sparkly and glittery. With purple eyes, and a mane of dark purple faux fur.
Iris has Fae wings and her limbs are attached with crystal beads.

Sprites have been specially hatched to be more magical, they love glitter, and all that glitters! Most have faerie wings, a few take after a more distant dragon ancestor and have dragon wings. They are attracted to bright colors and like to nest near flower patches and gardens. Where they can be seen gathering nectar for their evening meals, although a few have mistaken faeries for flowers at times….never fear they do not bite…much.

Finishing up the 2014 Taxes

I’m sorting through a years worth of receipts, which I was able to shove most (hopefully) into a file box.  Nothing like waiting until tax time to start sorting.

End of the year stuff always drives me nuts, good thing my husband is good with numbers, and my daughter is a future accountant!

Looks like Dragontry sold 30 dragons off of Etsy.

Plus many Dragon-daggers and Nippers at Spout-wood, and one or two at Dragon Con. I’ll need to go back and take a look at my chicken scratches receipt book..

A big Thank- you to all my patrons- enjoy your dragons!