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Have a great New Year!

New year dragonI will be making dragon plans for next year, working on finishing up any started dragons, updating the website, doing a fabric inventory, ordering any supplies needed, working on finishing the taxes early this year, working on a new renaissance coat for Ivy and organizing my sewing area.  Enjoy your dragons!

Be back in Late January!

All the Christmas dragons have arrived safely!


pics from phone 12-22-13 659

Here are a few of my Dragon ornaments.

Enjoy your Family, Friends, and dragons, I’ll be back after the Holidays!

Always keep some magic in your lives, and pass it on to your children…


Last of 2014 dragons are on their way!


artist unknown

I braved the post office twice this week, mailed out all the Christmas dragons- fingers crossed they will reach their new homes in time for the Holidays.  Now I can get out and finish my own shopping….

A big Thank-you to all my patrons and dragon owners, your encouragement and support help to keep me hatching dragons.  I am truly blessed to be an artist.

Happy Dragon Holidays



Artist unknown

These Nippers will be heading to California soon.

These were for a special order, it was crunch time but I  finished them in time for Holiday shipping.

I love the leopard one “Minka” she is so soft to the touch.  I do have 5 more of this litter cut out to finish later.

The purple and orange tie dye “Poppy” is very colorful and I love the orange sherbet color eyes.

“Jester” was an interesting nipper to make, Giving him a purple/ green “Party-colored” body with red accents was so fun. I even split the top head piece so he would match.  I think one like this in a black and white pattern “Harlequin” would be striking.  Another one for my to do list.

Dragontry 12-11-14 009

This is Jester

Dragontry 12-11-14 006

Green and purple face

Dragontry 12-11-14 010

Christmas Dragons

Dragontry 12-11-14 002

This is Poppy

Dragontry 12-11-14 004

This is Minka…

The 4 pink sprites have found their new homes!

Dragontry 12-11-14 029

This is Wyndy, her favorite flowers are purple…

Dragontry 12-11-14 028

Tail Tufts are fun!

Sprites have been specially hatched to be more magical, they love glitter, and all that glitters!  Most have faerie wings, a few take after a more distant dragon ancestor and have dragon wings.  They are attracted to bright colors and like to nest near meadows of wildflowers and gardens.  Where they can be observed gathering nectar for their evening meals, although a few have mistaken faeries for flowers at times….never fear they do not bite…much.

I brought these 4 Pink Sprites back from Dragon-con, but was not happy with the way the glitter fabric and feather manes worked together (think Velcro).          I gave them a “make-over” and switched to faux fur, and for fun added tail tufts.  Which does make it easier for them to signal each other from a distance.

I will at some point finish up the ones I have already cut out- more purple and pinks as I recall.  And after the tweaking I’ve done, I will definitely be making many more of these.  I’d love to see some in dark colors, maybe Moth wings?

Dragontry 12-11-14 013

This is flicker, she is an early riser and loves the morning dew…

Dragontry 12-11-14 018

This is Meadow, quite the looker with her bright green mane…

Dragontry 12-11-14 022

This is Seeker, she looks far and wide for the best flowers…

Copernicus has found a home, and will be guarding his young charges – Cosmos and Nova

12-4-2014 021


12-4-2014 020

Sprite with Faerie wings

Teresa has a growing nest of dragons and has decided to add three more, what fun she must be having training her dragons.


12-4-2014 018


12-4-2014 029

These dragons will be heading to nest with Teresa soon…

Dragontry 9-7-14 005


Feather-Flare, Peacock Dragon – Headed off to Australia!

12-4-2014 015

Yes, the bigger dragons can sit up


I designed a custom tail for this dragon, used a peacock feather fabric

I designed a custom tail for this dragon, used a peacock feather fabric


I created this dragon from a sketch by a young Lady, for her Christmas.

I created this dragon from a sketch by a young Lady, for her Christmas.




I really enjoy when a new design comes together, Feather-Flare was quite challenging, but he turned out amazing.  I will be making a few more Peacock feathered dragons in 2015.




Holidays are exhausting!

Today I feel like either the goose in the movie Babe ….”Christmas means carnage”, or Babe when he heard “That’ll do pig, that’ll do”.

I have a few pink  Sprites almost finished that I will list next week if possible.

I will have all the dragons “ordered” in time for Christmas finished and shipped out by the 15th, and will then set my Etsy shop to Vacation.  Although I will still check on emails.

I have been so overwhelmed this year, and so busy trying to catch up, but I have hatched all the  dragons for this year (any other  dragons I’ve said I would try to do, will have to wait until next year.)

I have yet to decorate our tree, and with a Grandson’s 3rd birthday party to prepare for, I will be a very busy sorceress indeed.

Enjoy your Holidays, Family and Friends

Sherry- Sewing Sorceress