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Cobalt has flown off to be with his dragon mate Nexus!

Thank you Teresa for this update,  I needed to smile last night and this certainly did the trick!





Teresa wrote – “Hi Sherry!  Cobalt arrived safely today at his new home. When I opened the box, he slowly looked around and let me lift him out. He then snuggled in my arms and continued to look around. Nexus was watching intently, hardly able to believe her eyes. Then their eyes met….(blushing), slowly they began to inch towards each other. Cobalt’s blue became brighter and his fur stood on end. Nexus glistened and sparkled. Cobalt used every trick of attraction to draw her in. They couldn’t take their eyes off each other. They panted and they coo’ed, they circled around each other in a dance that only they were participants of. They inched closer and closer to each other. Cobalt began to extend his magnificent wing to enwrap around Nexus and draw her closer to his pounding chest, his heart about to explode with passion. Nexus entwined herself with Cobalt, feeling her need for him. Together, they glided off to be alone, to do what only dragons who are in love, will do. xxxooooxxxxooo”

Dragon Love, I am so glad Cobalt and Nexus are so happy together!

I’ll be hatching Sea-Dragon eggs soon!

I'll be making sea dragons soon, summer-2015

I’ll be making sea dragons soon, summer-2015

I love this fabric!

Update, just arrived in the mail and it is even more beautiful in person, a lot more teals than in the picture, joy!

Going to be a busy fall…I won’t miss saying goodbye to this year

Life has certainly thrown me some curve balls this year- I will be glad when 2014 is over. Two major heath scares with my husband – and my brother passed away.

Needless to say, dragon making has gone very slowly, and I may take several months off next year- just to have some fun.

Below is a list of dragons I plan on working on,   *= finished

Dragons  for September –  October (all of these are spoken for)

*White sparkly Nipper Dragon- boa mane

*Purple and teal Nipper Dragon- boa mane

*Lime and black Nipper Dragon – boa mane

Pink Reiver dragons
1st -Shocking pink glitter leopard fabric , hot pink belly and under wings -black fur mane & black texture paint.

2nd -Pink (not glitter) shades of pink and magenta / teal mane, teal eyes.(name Sunrise)

Gold Nipper Dragon –

Purple sprite

Clone of Splatter Nipper Dragon- feather boa

Special request – black Nipper with teal mane, eyes and nubs

Purple and orange tie dye Nipper Dragon -purple faux mane, nose ring, leather lead

Leopard Nipper Dragon-nose ring, leather lead, feather boa

Red and Green Jester/ Harlequin Nipper Dragon -(named Magick)Red, green and purple, sides to opposite- multi color feather mane. Two different colors of eyes, nose ring, leather lead.

A very special Christmas dragon – (spoken for)

For Christmas (basically I will need to have them finished and listed in November – before Thanksgiving! – Early December at the latest to make the mailing deadline!!!

*Purple Percher dragon


( I will try to have these available for the Holiday sales, but can’t promise)

I am going to try and finish the Sprites I have left for the Holidays, if not then they will be out in Late January in time for Valentine’s Day.

(After Christmas)

I’ll be taking a break- sort of, cutting out next years eggs to hatch, working on inventory and taxes, and hopefully get some much needed rest.

I am going to try to make a special request Bengal cat dragon.


Special request( Name Puff) (Water Dragon) –  a Royal Clawed Dragon, blue/green/teal sea dragon  fabric with Royal Blue , for the under wings and belly.  teal fox fur, with teal eyes. Fur mane- teal,  with shell horns and claws.


Reiver dragon- adapted from a drawing sent to me, should be fun.

Ordering fabrics

Sometimes ordering fabrics online is simple, and then there are times it is very frustrating!

Of the three new companies I tried today only one would let me pay online, the other two will call me at some point to get the Credit card information. And for two I had to set up accounts with passwords …etc.

On a happier note I hopefully have secured the fabrics to finish some special dragon color requests: purple and orange tie dye, glitter pink leopard, small brown print leopard, and peacock feather print. I also picked up a red with copper foil, and a black with silver pattern.

I’ve committed to finishing 10 nippers and two Reivers in October, and for November a Peacock Royal Dragon with claws, a Purple Percher and a Purple Sprite. Which will be the last for this year! I may have a few more finished for Christmas, sadly, I can not accept any more custom dragons to be finished for the holidays.

I am already booked in 2015 until spring with a special clawed Royal and a Bengal cat clawed Guardian.

Dragoncon 2014 –

We had a grand adventure, sold/ re-homed some dragons, and made new friends!

Costume I wore for Dragoncon 2014

Costume for Dragoncon 2014

Atlanta was very hot and humid, so I only wore this Victorian gown and hat for part of one day, but it was fun.

Myself at the creature creation panel!

Myself at the creature creation panel!








The Dragon Huntress – Explaining how to sculpt a dragon head.

Nefaerieous Deeds, AKA Tiffany Crosby - Creature Creation Panel

Nefaerieous Deeds, AKA Tiffany Crosby – Creature Creation Panel










Tiffany explaining how to make a working ventriloquist  puppet.


Some thoughts about Dragoncon

1.Most buyers at Dragoncon wanted a small shoulder dragon under $45.00 and palm sized.

2. Smaller shoulder dragons might sell better. If they can be made cost and time effectively.

3.An artist next to us suggested incorporating clay features – horns, claws, might be a way to make them more cost effective?

4. I like the idea of decorating the dragons with crystals and jewels.

5. If ever doing a far away show, design a better display. That can be easily transported via airplane.  Breakdown shelving/ display tree?

6. I need to figure out how to make harnesses with Velcro for the guardian and Royal shoulder dragons. It would need a shoulder pad that pinned or tied on.

7. I’d like to design a gauntlet dragon or gryphon to ride on the forearm.
With cords/straps to tie onto the arm.

8. I’d like to design, make, and decorate Falcon type hoods for dragons

9. Wear more comfortable shoes!

10. Pink dragons do not sell well at Dragoncon.