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While I’m away, “Sakura” my Moon Brownie plays…..or plots?

I sense a kitchen raid on the cheese is in the works…

Sakura, like all moon brownies is named for cheese- one of their favorite moonlight snacks. Her and Cosimo are definitely up to something.

Moon brownies are hand made by my daughter Tiffany AKA “The Faerie Preservation Society”


P.S. – Sakura cheese is a creamy white, and is flavoured with mountain cherry leaves. Sakura means “cherry blossom” in Japanese.

Sold dragons, will be shipping these out on Monday… to their new homes

Always a bit sad to send them out into the world.   Wishing all the dragons and their new owners many happy dragon adventures!

This is shadow, a guardian shoulder dragon

Shadow will be nesting in Methuen, MA -USA

Lotus, a Guardian shoulder dragon

Lotus will be nesting in EAST WEYMOUTH, MA -USA

This is Rowan. a guardian shoulder dragon

Rowan will be nesting in kiltarlity, Highland –
United Kingdom


This is Mimir a blue Nipper Dragon

Mimir will be nesting in east greenwich, RI

Spoutwood Faerie Festival 2014

Romulus and Remus

Romulus and Remus- 2 -headed Standing Royal

5-5-14 008 5-5-14 003 5-5-14 013


Drum circle dancing


Mischief makers


Drum dancing


Great costumes

5-5-14 018


5-5-14 014

Tiff as a Satyr

5-5-14 023


5-5-14 016

Love the Goblins

5-5-14 015

a Swarm of Dragon-flyers

5-5-14 010

Collar Goblin


Me and Babylon

5-5-14 0045-5-14 0205-5-14 017Spoutwood 2014 016


Tired but recovering! A big Thank-you to all our customers, those that stopped by to say Hello, and a Special Thank-you to the volunteers who helped push my truck on the slippery slopes!