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Jasper has landed in the UK

jasper2              Thank you Lisa for the kind words and the great pictures!

Jasper has made the crossing across the Atlantic and arrived safely this morning. i have stuck him near the reptile UVB light so he can make a full recovery
He is delighted to meet his non-winged counterpart, ‘Hoffman’ the Philippine Sailfin Dragon.
Jasper was hatched to commemorate the success of breeding the Philippine Sailfin in the UK (1st time they have been bred in the UK)
Thank you, you did an amazing job hatching this fella, hope that there will be more winged sailfin cousins in the future
Much love, Lisa”

jasper1                                “Jasper checking out the forest dragons vivarium”

Jasper the Sailfin Dragon is finished!


I  used a butterscotch color Ostrich boa, steel blue eyes, and will be giving him a nose-ring before sending on his way to the UK.

I custom blended the paint color for this one, had to have just the right shade of grey-blue…


For a sailfin I added a blue wave back spine going down the body, there is also a smaller fin behind the head.

Sailfin Dragon Reserved for LIsa- Not for purchase unless you are she

I love the blues, greys, teals, and golds of this  tie dye  Lycra Velvet fabric,     sadly this is the last of it.

I selected taupe shell claws, each claw is hand wired, glued, and top edge painted with texture paint.


How about some Silver Dragons this year?

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My first fabric purchase for 2014! Just picked up 2 yards of this silver foiled velvet lycra fabric, it will make amazing silver dragons.  

Going to be a very busy year!

2014 Dragons, Revised 5-21-14

Here is my very tentative dragon schedule for this year,

January                                                                                                     Finish dragon orders -Sail fin, and Komodo                                                                                                                                                                   
Work on inventory- Taxes done in January

Family Health problems, I put my dragon schedule aside until May… least most of it.



Spent the winter holed up, this was one snow filled winter- over 100 inches. Bitter cold and ice….Brrrr. first winter I have ever thought of moving to a warmer climate.

I agreed to to a faerie festival with Tiff, so I will be sewing dragons for the show May 1st weekend.


Spent sewing  dragons                                                                                                           

April                                                                                                                spent getting ready, bought a new tent, rugs etc.   Spout-wood here we come.


Enjoyed  the faerie festival, didn’t enjoy how far away it was… 10 hours of drive time each way , adding on time for constructions, speed traps and breaks, and a crazy route chosen by my “Garmin”  it was a daunting adventure.   Not exactly the money making show we had planned on, but it was a rainy and damp weekend, the ATM was AWOL….and the patron numbers were down.  We did a little better than break even, met some old friends,  made some new ones, and had a lot of fun…. so all and all  a worth while trip.

Recuperating took a couple of weeks!

Listed some dragons on Etsy….sold a nipper, and 4 of the larger dragons -still two left….

Spent the rest of May sorting and organizing the sewing room.      


Ivy’s graduation, we will be in Texas for a few days….an even longer drive but worth it.

Sketch out pages for book illustrations

Start painting pages for children’s book

Finish all started dragons, not finished in  2013

Cut out-Silver and Gold – Guardian and Nipper Dragons-

Sew one silver Nipper, Finish for July

Finish Book Illustrations and send for approval


Shut down the Etsy shoppe for the summer….

Cut out more nippers, Royals, Guardians, Mandarin, Welsh Dragons, and Shoulder Gryphons

Sew and finish –  2 Welsh Red Dragons, 2 Mandarin Dragons, 2 Gryphons


August                                                                                                          Sew and finish a few Royal dragons to take with us to Dragon-con

Redo the Komodo – Cosimo’s legs and joints….maybe he will go to guard Tiff’s table at Dragon Con?

Get ready for Dragon con
September                                                                                                 Open Etsy shop

Design and cut out Prototype Dragonkinz,

Sew and finish 2 Dragonkinz

Redo Shoulder Gryphon pattern – Sculpt and cast resin beak and claws

Cut out  Sea Dragons, and New Komodo Dragons

Sew and finish – 2 Sea Dragons, 2Komodo Dragons

Cut out 12 Nippers for the Holidays

October                                                                                                                 Sew and finish 4 Guardian Dragons for the Holidays

November                                                                                                     Sew and finish 12 Nipper Dragons for the Holidays

cut out Valentine’s Dragons for 2015

December                                                                                                         List all finished dragons by December 1st

Shut down on Dec.15th

Make plans for the following year


I am sure this will change, but it gives me a good idea of what I should be planning for.



Janruary 1st. “Happy New year!”

2014 – I hope will be a wonderful year.

I’ve decided to reclaim the room over the garage as an art studio, which will require some major effort, but will be worth it in the long run.                             Santa brought me an art/drafting table to assemble and I will need a place with lot’s of sunshine to paint with watercolors!

I will start the new year by finishing – a clawed dragon order and my Komodo.  Then I will finish all the dragons I didn’t get done in time for the Christmas Holiday! Sadly I just ran out of time- but they are so close to being completed, I sometimes catch them looking hopefully at me, waiting to finished.                  Then  I’ll finish  two requested Nippers due by the end of January.

I’ll also be working on illustrating a children’s book for Nefaerieous Deeds- AKA first daughter – More details as I get the pages going. Getting back to painting will be quite a welcome change.  I plan on just painting in February, I wonder if my sewing machine will be jealous or relieved?

Going to be a busy month!