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Christmas Dragon

This is Senechal, made her a couple of years ago, love this picture of her in front of our tree….

Merry Dragon Holidays!

Guardian dragon – Senechal

This is Senechal, such a beautiful dragon…she is made from an amazing teal/blue/grey fabric, with black scales ( really hard to describe the colors), matched up with ice blue eyes, and a black ostrich boa mane, with teal shell horns. She has a black velvet belly and under wings.
Her inner ear and spine are from a shimmering teal blue fabric.
I used a teal blue texture paint for around the horns, her nails and face nubs. She also has a nose ring and leather lead.

Senechal is approximately 56 inches from nose ring to tail tip, and has a full length doll armature. Her body, depending on the pose is 12 x 12 inches- with a very long tail. The wing span is approximately – 24 inches. The arms and legs are attached with covered button joints, and are fully wired.

Senechal may be posed with care, also she may sit upon your shoulder by wrapping the long tail around your neck and opposite shoulder for balance.

( Please, not for small children-small parts may pose a choking hazard)

Dirk and Dagger – a two Headed Nipper


Midnight. guardian dragon

Yes, two heads are better than one!


Dirk and Dagger

I’ve only made a few of the two-headed Nippers.

I made this special fellow a long time ago, but I am thinking of making a few more in 2014.  I’ll be cutting some out after the Holidays, along with a few other dragons from my past.  Must be feeling Nostalgic.