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Have a Roaring Dragon Holiday and a Fire Breathing New Year!

It seems the Fates have decided that I should slow down and just enjoy the upcoming Holidays.  Time to reflect, refresh, recharge and spend time with family and friends.

I will get back to hatching dragons in January, see you then!


I’m currently working on a dozen dragons, and should have them ready to list before Thanksgiving.  These will be the last of this years hatchlings.

5 Guardian shoulder dragons, 1 Royal Shoulder dragon, and 6 pixies.

Sorrel is sold

Sorrel will be nesting in New York, say hello for me if you see him.

Shade, a black and gold Reiver has found a forever nest

Will be heading to Chicago ASAP.

I’m finally getting back to working on my dragons….

Sorry it has been so long, guess I really needed a break from Dragontry.

I hope to have a few finished soon.

2019 will soon be here!  Time to make some changes.


Rest in Peace my Druid

Sadly, Druid lost his battles, and while the cancer contributed to his passing,  I’d like to think he beat it for almost 2 years, and passed as a 14 year old puppy.  He was always the best dog, very spoiled and loved, and will always remain in my heart.


Just finished this handsome Ryder Dragon…Sorrel

I adore this fabric

I used a metallic copper for the under colors

I hand painted his eyes in a copper and grey

Shell nose horns and spiral wrapped fabric antlers

Sorrel is an amazing dragon

Dragons for June

Druid is slowly getting better. He seems to be more alert, and is getting himself up, which is a big deal, I’ve been having to pick up his back legs for him to stand before walking!

I’m slowly working on the next hatchlings.  They are all sewn and wired., now the stuffing, sculpting and finishing can begin. I hope to have a few finished in June, and will list them when finished.

Current dragons I’m working on; 2 Ryders, (a Zebra and copper), 5 Guardians,    ( a white, dark green,  purple, burgundy,  and black), 1 Reiver (rainbow), and  6 Pixies, ( a white, burgundy, red, blue, purple and  dark green). Over all a good looking bunch of dragons.

After this batch, I’ll be taking 2 weeks vacation July -1st – 14th, then the rest of July I’ll be working on new dragons for the Fall.  I should have more dragons to list in September.

Druid Update

While Druid is winning many battles with his Cancer, he is still loosing the war.

Last week’s check up showed that his cancer is slowly coming back.  We are all a bit sad, but it was not unexpected.  Druid should have many months ahead of him.   His Dr suggested we try giving Druid one more  3 month round of Paladia (chemo) to slow any growth and start him on Prilosec to curb any stomach issues from the Paladia.  Which we are doing and hoping for the best.  Druid turned 13 last  January, I’m hopeful he will make it to 14.

I’ve taken over the first floor to keep an eye on Druid while working on dragons, and he can keep me in sight as well.  Druid doesn’t climb stairs very well anymore.

I will try to get a few dragons done over the summer, and will try to list the ones I’ve hatched monthly. But I will be busy spoiling Druid as much as possible too.

Dragon Info – armature, wire and dragons

The wire in a Reiver or any dragon should bend pretty well, you just don’t want to bend it back and forth repeatedly, as for the armature (link below) they say it can bend up to 28 degrees.  The smaller armature on the left is what is in a Reiver; I bent it as much as I could before it would snap apart, and took the pic below.  It is very sturdy and you will feel resistance when it has reached the bending limit. I use the larger armature in the larger dragons.

You can position the arms and legs, just don’t spin them around in one direction, since that would tighten the thread to the point of breakage. You should be able to turn the legs back towards the tail and have a stand up (like a dog) on her back legs and the tail should be down, it will take a bit of tweaking to get the dragon balanced.  You can position the back legs to be apart.   You’re trying to archive a tripod using the back legs and the tail. I’ll need to come up with a “How to pose a dragon” demo in the near future.

underside of the dragon’s feet, for standing

A Shoulder Dragon and can rest upon your shoulder.  The feet should be slightly cupped to fit upon your shoulder, drape the tail down your back and up and over to your opposite shoulder for balance.  Feel free to turn the head and position it, the armature should be able to take a lot of positioning.

Sea Dragon Badenoch

Badenoch was a new Sea Dragon design; I had found the perfect fabric for a sea Dragon.

Badenoch is 58” measured from the nose to the tail, going down the neck and along the back. The Price was $289.00, Plus shipping. I actually have a few more cut out in this fabric waiting for me to work on, there is an amazing amount of top stitching and hand sewing involved with a Sea Dragon.Badenoch is about the same length as a Royal Dragon, but thinner with swimming wings, fins and a fluke tail.


I haven’t made a Royal in a while, but here is a pic of one.  A Royal Dragon has a larger armature, plumper body and bigger wings; they currently cost $325 with shell claws and $285 without shell claws.

Royal Clawed Dragon


As for “Baby Dragons”, the Nipper dragon is currently retired, but I do sell many other smaller dragons, Sprite, Imp, Moth, and Moon.  I will hatch a few of these this summer.

The Nipper dragons could not ride on a shoulder, so I designed the Pixie Dragons – which can.