Myself, family and dragons are all hunkering down for the foreseeable future. I hope everyone is taking measures to as safe as they can.

Shiny dragons I’ve been working on

I’ll still be making dragons as I can, but probably won’t list them For now.

Stay Safe!


Sprig and Sprout Have both found their new nests!

This is Sprig, an Acorn Draconic – Woodland Dragon, Artisan hatched by Dragontry

(I had just enough of this fabric to hatch 2 Acorn dragons, Twig and her sibling are very special.)

Acorn dragons build communal nests in Oak trees , and spend most of their lives in ancient forests, they feed mostly on acorns, but occasionally hunt small mammals. Their coloring and wings have evolved to live in a forest, their wings resemble oak leaves.

Sprig’s body is made form a brown mottled Lycra velvet fabric, matched with a very soft brown Minky fabric for belly, The wings, and inner ears are from a brown Tie-Dye velour fabric.

The wings are top-stitched and wired to resemble Oak leaves.

Sprig has custom painted light-brown eyes, and a mane Faux fur. I used a light tan texture paint for the claws and face nubs. The body has a ball and socket armature, the wings, legs and arms are wired. The limbs are attached with covered button joints.

Approximate measurements: The body is 30 inches measured from the nose, over the head and along the back to the tail tip. Standing height is 12 inches, and 12 inches for the wing span.
Acorn Dragons can stand, but when properly trained prefer to be carried, and loved. Sprig has a wooden name tag and a bell

Acorn dragons are not designed to ride on your shoulder , and prefer to be held or carried in a basket. They will be attracted to Oak trees.

Time to cut out dragons for the next Hatching!

My plan is to cut out a few from the new fabrics, and hatch a few of the eggs I have have saved.

The next batch will have three each of –




Nippers (new Pattern-  a bit bigger than the old Nippers, rounder body, longer neck and tail)

Wyrms (new Pattern – long body,  large wings and no limbs)

Pictures to follow soon!


First dragons of 2020

Acorn Woodland Dragons

Sprout has found a new home, and is headed to Wisconsin! Safe trip Sprout!

I’m also giving the 2019 dragons not purchased a make over, let’s see if they find homes.

I’m already working on more dragons for February-March

I also found some new fabrics, that I love, and will make many beautiful dragons!

I’m currently working with this fabric, cutting out Reivers and Nippers for Listing in March.

I should have 4 Wyrms out of this fabric finished early February (testing a new pattern, not sure there will be anymore of them)

I LOVE this Fabric, I’m not sure what to hatch out of it?, maybe guardian, or Asian Dragons, but it is such a happy fabric, maybe Pixies /Fae dragons too.


I hope Everyone had Happy Holidays, and will have a safe New year, full of Hope, Joy and Dragons!

I’ve done my yearly contemplation about Dragontry.  I’ve decided To give it my all, for another year!

This year I’m going back to making mostly larger dragons, and Gryphons.  I know with them taking more time, there will be fewer dragons finished, but the ones I hatch will be amazing.

Looking forward to a wonderful year!

Past Dragons, I thought I’d share a few of my favorites

Sea Dragon

Bumble dragon

Cosimo, my bed dragon

I used texture paint to build up teeth

Harlequin Dragon, split colors side to side, green, purple, with red

Rampant Royal Dragon, weighted in the back so he could stand.

Baby Wyvern

Sea Nymph

Working on the next batch of Dragons

After some realization of how many dragons I can hatch in 5-6 weeks,  my new Holiday To hatch list has been adjusted down to 6, the rest will be hatched after the Holidays.

2 – white, snow pixies (1 is reserved)

2 – Pink candy-cane Pixies

2 – woodland moths

I’m really pleased with these choices, and think they will be amazing.

I’ll be closing the Etsy shop down in mid December, don’t worry I’ll make sure to get any adopted dragons to their new homes in time for Christmas.


As for 2020, after I open the Etsy shop in February, I want to work mostly on larger dragons, it’s been awhile since I’ve hatched  any Royal, Sea, Asian, or Ryder dragons.

Three Darklings, a Pixie and a Reiver finished!

Charm – Pixie Dragon – Adopted

Flapper – Darkling Dragon
Omen – Reiver Dragon
Screech – Darkling Dragon
Sonar – Darkling Dragon

Darkling Dragons

Darklings are a new type of dragons I have created, I really like the way they have turned out.  I have 4 finished so far and should be able to finish more very soon. They have larger wings, bat ears, long finger and toes, and most have red eyes.

Bella has found a home – sold

Bane has found a home – sold, and will be nesting with Bella.




How to wear a shoulder Dragon

How to wear a Pixie Dragon


Pixie Dragons can ride on your shoulder.

I use a ball and socket armature for the Pixies. Moving the legs to a back position allows the Pixie to belly-rest on the shoulder with their tails positioned around the neck and up to the front for balance. You can position the arms and legs; just don’t spin them around in one direction, since that would tighten the internal thread to the point of breakage.

The wire in a dragon should bend pretty well, you just don’t want to bend it back and forth repeatedly, as for the armature the manufacturers  say it can bend up to 28 degrees.  I bent the armature as much as I could before it would snap apart, and took the pic below.  It is very sturdy and you will feel resistance when it has reached the bending limit.

How to wear a Dragontry Shoulder dragon…

Dragon staged on a dummy

A Dragontry Shoulder-dragon can sit upon your shoulder while you go about your adventures.

The Dragon’s feet should be slightly cupped to fit the width of your shoulder, drape the tail down your back and up and over to your opposite shoulder for balance.