Dragon Info – armature, wire and dragons

The wire in a Reiver or any dragon should bend pretty well, you just don’t want to bend it back and forth repeatedly, as for the armature (link below) they say it can bend up to 28 degrees.  The smaller armature on the left is what is in a Reiver; I bent it as much as I could before it would snap apart, and took the pic below.  It is very sturdy and you will feel resistance when it has reached the bending limit. I use the larger armature in the larger dragons.

You can position the arms and legs, just don’t spin them around in one direction, since that would tighten the thread to the point of breakage. You should be able to turn the legs back towards the tail and have a stand up (like a dog) on her back legs and the tail should be down, it will take a bit of tweaking to get the dragon balanced.  You can position the back legs to be apart.   You’re trying to archive a tripod using the back legs and the tail. I’ll need to come up with a “How to pose a dragon” demo in the near future.

underside of the dragon’s feet, for standing

A Shoulder Dragon and can rest upon your shoulder.  The feet should be slightly cupped to fit upon your shoulder, drape the tail down your back and up and over to your opposite shoulder for balance.  Feel free to turn the head and position it, the armature should be able to take a lot of positioning.

Sea Dragon Badenoch

Badenoch was a new Sea Dragon design; I had found the perfect fabric for a sea Dragon.

Badenoch is 58” measured from the nose to the tail, going down the neck and along the back. The Price was $289.00, Plus shipping. I actually have a few more cut out in this fabric waiting for me to work on, there is an amazing amount of top stitching and hand sewing involved with a Sea Dragon.Badenoch is about the same length as a Royal Dragon, but thinner with swimming wings, fins and a fluke tail.


I haven’t made a Royal in a while, but here is a pic of one.  A Royal Dragon has a larger armature, plumper body and bigger wings; they currently cost $325 with shell claws and $285 without shell claws.

Royal Clawed Dragon


As for “Baby Dragons”, the Nipper dragon is currently retired, but I do sell many other smaller dragons, Sprite, Imp, Moth, and Moon.  I will hatch a few of these this summer.

The Nipper dragons could not ride on a shoulder, so I designed the Pixie Dragons – which can.























How to Perch your Shoulder Dragon

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Dragon staged on a dummy

The back feet are touching the front elbows, shaped to your shoulder

Dragon staged on a sewing dummy

Dragon tail is wrapped under the arm and curled upon the chest.

I just received a request to post more pictures of dragons riding on a shoulder, on Etsy.  Since I usually don’t have an extra shoulder to use when taking the pictures I have used my sewing dummy.

I do get some pics of dragons riding on their owners shoulders- (keep those pics coming! I love them!) Below are a few of them, send me your shoulder dragon pics and I’ll happily post them. Via Facebook or my Esty shop.

Dragon owner- Scotland

Dragon owner- Scotland

Limerick, Crystalina, Skye-Flame and their trainer - Jodie

Limerick, Crystalina, Skye-Flame and their trainer – Jodie

Shenanigan and Hades with their owners at Motor City Comic Con

Shenanigan and Hades with their owners at Motor City Comic Con

Kalith and owner heading out for an adventure

Kalith and owner heading out for an adventure

Royal Dragon Shenanigan and her favorite Pirate.

Royal Dragon Shenanigan and her favorite Pirate.

Thought you might like to see Azuriena is getting out and about having a wonderful time :) This pic was taken at Day of Fae, Grafton Australia – (Photo courtesy of Flights of Fancy)

Thought you might like to see Azuriena is getting out and about having a wonderful time 🙂 This pic was taken at Day of Fae, Grafton Australia – (Photo courtesy of Flights of Fancy)

A boy and his new Dragon- Pranks!

A boy and his new Dragon- Pranks!

Carolyn and her Dragon Rosebud

Carolyn and her Dragon Rosebud


Dragons love redheads!

Linda and Nyx enjoying a summer day in Sweden

Linda and Nyx enjoying a summer day in Sweden

“Parrots are so over rated- every Pirate really needs a dragon”

“Parrots are so over rated- every Pirate really needs a dragon”

Kalidor and Tundra in their new home in the UK

Kalidor and Tundra in their new home in the UK

Mandrake and some new friends in the UK, (Photos courtesy of TPF Faerie Wear)

Mandrake and some new friends in the UK, (Photos courtesy of TPF Faerie Wear)

Yay, I finally finished the 2017 Christmas gift dragons…

These three are only a little late, they were meant to be Christmas Dragons

Tiffany’s Dragon – Palette (Rainbow-swirl)

Chris’ Dragon – Starling (Black)

Ivy’s Dragon – Anime (Blue Tye-dye)

Merry belated Christmas!

Now on to some even more pass due dragons…..

Dragon update

I’ve  listed three more dragons – Friday, April 6th – 2018, At noon Eastern Daylight Time.

I will have another large batch of dragons in June.




Time for Inventory, Taxes. and cutting out the 2018 Dragons

After this week”s Etsy listing (Friday- 6th) I’ll  be taking off until  April 15th,  to work on Dragontry’s taxes.

While I’m finishing up the fabric inventory, I will be pulling fabrics out to use for this year’s dragons. It doesn’t hurt to see what I’ve tucked away and forgotten about. Lol.

This year I plan on some new designs –   Asian, and Maple-leaf winged Dragons. I also will be making smaller versions of the Sea Dragon and the Drat.                   A young Sea Dragon is a Sea Nymph.  A young Drat is a Fury- AKA – Drittens – I had thought about calling them Drittens, but thought  Furies would fit them better.

I’ll also be cutting out and hatching more Drats, Shoulder dragons,and hopefully a few gryphons.

I will be exploring having the wings for the Luna Moth Reivers printed on fabric.  Of course, I will need to watercolor paint the wings, get them into a printable form and see how they turn out first. It may take a few tries to get them just right.  If it works I can have more detailed wings, and eventually branch out to butterfly and fantasy wings for dragons as well.

I’m planning on the next batch of shoulder dragons to be hatched and listed  in late June.  Wish me luck!


New Dragons – Friday, April 6th – 2018

Just a heads up, I will be listing a few more dragons on Friday, April 6th – 2018, At noon Eastern Standard Time. I have two hatched and will try to finish 2-more for Friday.




Sedgewick- Green Reiver Dragon

Sedgewick is on his way to his new nest…

The body fabric is a variegated green Lycra velvet, matched with a green glittered tie dye Lycra velvet. has a Green ostrich mane and hand painted green eyes. I used a green texture paint for the face nubs and claws.

Has a leather lead, nose ring, bell and a wooden name tag.

Sales, Facebook and Dragons

Evidently Facebook is taking up to 18 hours to actually send out my posts to some, others get the post right away?  I’m not sure if Facebook’s algorithm has changed recently.

Normally it would only be aggravating , but on the occasion of announcing a new batch of dragons listed on Etsy it does pose a problem.  I’ve given this some thought and I will now post /announce the day and what time the listings will be active, here on the website.

My apologies to those those who have been disappointed.

I will be listing more dragons after Easter. Then I will be sewing/hatching the June batch.

I’m not sure what type of dragons I will be sewing yet. I do know I will be making Ryder, Guardian dragons in the next batch.

Rare Moon Moth Dragon sightings- Enjoy

Moon-moths are hard to keep in one place



Top stitched wings

MoonRayne – hand painter eyes


These sold very quickly, thank you so much for your continued support.  I will plan on making more Moon Moths soon!

My latest Moon Moth Dragons – 2  Darkside Moon-Moth dragons… Eclipse Draconic Lepidoptera,

and – 2 Blue Moon-Moth Dragons…Indigo Draconic Lepidoptera

Moon dragons have evolved to resemble large moths – they are nocturnal, and have soft furry wings. Their nests resemble cocoons, and are highly treasured for weaving and are sought after by the Woodland Fae.

Moon dragons seek out night blooming flowers to feed upon nectar, and use the moon to navigate. They are not easily fooled by modern lights, and thus are seldom seen.

Moon dragons are not designed to ride on your shoulder , and prefer to be held or carried in a basket. At night they will be attracted to moonlight.

Pixie Dragon News – 2018

I’ve tweaked and I think,  improved the Pixie Dragons,  they will now be able to ride on smaller shoulders. I’m still debating on having custom buttons made to give the dragons,   “belly buttons”.

I’m now using a  ball and socket armature for the Pixies,   this allows the dragons to belly- rest on a shoulder with their tails positioned around the neck for balance.

Their limbs are now attached with covered button joints instead of crystal beads.

While I am keeping the single and double sets of wings as an option, I also will be experimenting with using alternate designs of dragon wings.


I have retired the other smaller dragons in an effort to make dragon hatching easier and quicker.

After keeping track of the expenses and time,  I’ve calculated the price of $125.00 would allow me to make $8- $10 an hour.

If your curious, here is how I calculated the cost of a Pixie…The last time I made a batch of Pixies I kept one aside and only worked on it with a timer so I could keep track of the time it took to hatch. I rounded up or down to the nearest quarter hour.

3 hours to trace the dragon pattern onto folded fabric, 8 dragons = 136 parts to trace.
4 hours to pin and cut
1 hour to match and bag 8 dragons

8 hours @10 = $80.00 / 1 hour per dragon = $10 in time, plus $3.25 in cost of fabric

Out of 2yds fabric @ $15 each, total of $30, I could cut out 8 Pixies = $3.25 per dragon for the fabric, this is an average fabric cost. If I really like a fabric I will pay much more for it.

So time and cost of fabric is approximately $13.25 per 1 bagged pixie dragon, for pre-sewing expense.

Hatching Time Per 1 Pixie @ 10.00 per hour =

Pin parts/ 1 hour
Sew parts, turn and top-stitching/ 2 hours, = 3 hours

Armature the body/ 30 minuets
Wire limbs/ 1 hour
Stuff parts /1.5 hour
Stuff body/ 1 hour
Sculpt /1 hour , = 5 hours

Paint face nubs and claws / 1 hour
Assemble, button covers, mane, name tag / 2 hours.= 3 hours

Print receipts/ paperwork, package & ship per dragon, = 1 hour
Total time of 12 hours at $10.00 an hour =$125,00

Then there are Shop supply costs which May include, armature, threads, wire, paints, eyes, nose rings, stuffing, leather lacing, name tags, feather boas, fox fur or faux fur, plus Etsy and PayPal fees best estimate, = $20.00 – $25.00 per dragon.

Start to Finish for one pixie estimate 10-12 hours, plus $13.25 for pre-sewing cost, and a minimum of $20.00 for shop supplies, adds up to more than I ask for them. If I was making them one at a time I would need to charge more, but I usually try to sew in multiples to save time, I may have up to 12 dragons going at the same time. When I cut out dragons I will cut out 4-8 at one cutting, and often will cut out an entire year’s worth of dragons over a month. I buy my stuffing in 20 lbs boxes, and my armature in 50 ft spools. Sounds crazy, but does save time and money!

Total Cost $125.00 for a Pixie Dragon